Fuzhou, Jiangxi:Health Risk Reminders on the Influx of Imported Cherries Involved in the Disease into Le’an County
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   On the evening of February 5, 2021, Le’an County received the “Report on the Co-Inspection of Products Involved in the Epidemic” and promptly initiated the investigation. Inspection and disposal of imported cherry products, related personnel and the environment.
  The imported cherry products involved in the epidemic are cherries from Chile. The container number of this batch of products is CXRU1568393, and the entry inspection and quarantine number is 121000000245548001, and it is positive in the country. After investigation, the above-mentioned products flowed into the e Orchard Fruit Shop at the gate of Mingmen Capital District in our county. At present, all imported cherries involved in the epidemic have been sold out before January 10. Relevant contact personnel management and control, environmental disinfection and other work are being carried out, and related flow investigation work is continuing.
   If citizens purchase the above-mentioned imported cherry products involved in the epidemic after 3 pm on January 7, 2021, please take the initiative to contact the County Health Commission (Tel:0794-6576175) to carry out nucleic acid testing, and take the initiative to report The village group (community) report! At the same time, conduct health monitoring. Once abnormal symptoms such as fever and cough occur, immediately wear a mask and walk or drive to the fever clinic of Le’an County People’s Hospital for treatment. All products involved in the epidemic that have not been consumed should be reported to the County Market Supervision Administration for processing and storage (contact number:0794-6592315), and the general public should not panic.
   hereby remind the general public:
   1. Purchase imported cold chain food with caution. During the epidemic, try not to shop online for products in high-risk areas, overseas shopping, and purchasing products from overseas countries or regions.
  2. Please be sure to enhance your self-protection awareness and maintain good habits such as frequent hand washing, wearing masks, frequent ventilation, and less gathering.
  3. Pay close attention to the official information release in time, and do not believe in rumors, spread rumors, and do not spread rumors.
  Le’an County Novel Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia
   Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command Office
   February 6, 2021