Fuzhou Inspection Center held a seminar on the technical review of newly undertook 4 categories of food production licenses
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   On February 20th, the Municipal Review Center held a special technical seminar for the review of the four types of food production license technical review work for dairy products, alcohol (liquor, edible alcohol), food additives, and other food in Fuzhou this year The meeting was attended by 11 food inspectors (including 7 food additive inspectors) from the Municipal Review Center. On the one hand, based on the experience of the provincial food and drug certification review center, the examiners enthusiastically spoke, shared experience, checked for deficiencies, and improved business capabilities; on the other hand, based on the basic situation of 15 certified companies in the 4 categories in Fuzhou , Each examiner has reached basically the same evaluation criteria on 10 difficult technical evaluation issues around the two modules of application document review and on-site verification, strictly controlled the ruling of rejected items, and promoted fair and impartial technical review.
   After the meeting, various examiners said that according to the unified deployment of the center, it is necessary to timely sort out and improve the food database and trial product inspection project standard library, and quickly promote the connection and implementation of the above-mentioned four types of food production license technical review. , Should also continue to strengthen business self-study, improve the quality and efficiency of review, and provide better services to food production enterprises in the jurisdiction.