Four measures of Liupanshui City Market Supervision Bureau to ensure the safety of catering and food in the city’s”two sessions”
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  During the two sessions of Liupanshui City, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau immediately implemented the security of food safety in major events, catering services, and arranged supervisory personnel in advance to the conference reception hotel as required. Perform duties with due diligence, carry out work in accordance with laws and regulations, strictly abide by the bottom line of food safety risks, and earnestly fulfill the responsibility of abiding and conscientious.

   1. Perform your duties conscientiously and supervise in accordance with the law. During the”two sessions”, the on-site supervisors inspected the hotel’s catering service department and related places in advance. Mainly check whether each link of the catering service meets the specifications, whether it is operated and served in accordance with the law, etc., and whether the food, health products, cosmetics, and medical equipment in the guest room are purchased, managed and used in accordance with relevant requirements. Require on-site or time-limited rectification of existing problems.

   2. Supervise and urge enterprises to fulfill their main responsibilities. Sign a major event organizer’s food safety responsibility commitment letter with the company, urge the company to fulfill its main responsibility for food safety, and provide services in strict accordance with the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other food safety-related laws and regulations and food safety standards to ensure the safety of food supply.

   Third, strengthen risk prevention and control, and strictly adhere to the bottom line of food safety. Focus on in-depth inspections of the reception hotel’s operating license qualifications, employee health inspections, food raw and auxiliary materials purchase inspections and ticket requests, food storage, food production and processing, etc., to investigate in detail the existing risk points, and to supervise the implementation of rectification.

   Fourth, implement all-weather station protection. Carefully review the recipes of each meal in the reception hotel, put forward reasonable suggestions for recipes with risks, and make timely adjustments to prevent risky food from being served. Carry out rapid testing and screening of food and its raw materials for each meal, strictly supervise and implement relevant regulations on food samples for each meal, and prevent high-risk foods and foods prohibited by the state from flowing into the table.