Food safety situation in Chongzuo, Guangxi during the Spring Festival of 2021 is stable
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  During the Spring Festival, Chongzuo City, Guangxi took effective measures to carefully conduct food safety supervision work, and carried out special food safety rectifications to ensure a stable and effective food safety situation in the city Ensure the food safety of the people in the city during the Spring Festival. Let the people of the city have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.

  On the eve of the Spring Festival, Chongzuo City Market Supervision Administration issued the”Notice on Doing a Good Job in Food Safety Supervision during the 2021 Spring Festival and the National Two Sessions” and” Notice on Printing and Distributing Chongzuo City’s 2021 New Year’s Day and Spring Festival Special Inspection Work Plan for Food Safety in Food Sales Links, which clarified the work priorities and work measures. Highlight food safety supervision in key areas and key places during the holiday season. Focus on rural areas, urban-rural junctions, tourist attractions, etc., and high-risk tourist attractions, stations, New Year’s Eve sponsors, food wholesale markets, bazaars, New Year’s Day streets, rural collective meals, and more people eat during the Spring Festival Featured restaurants, Internet celebrity restaurants, etc. are the key venues, with rice, noodles, grains, oils, meat products, aquatic products, dairy products, alcohol, beverages, condiments, children’s food, hot-selling foods, and local specialty foods as key varieties. Special law enforcement inspections. A total of 634 catering service providers were inspected, 34 catering service providers were visited unannounced, and 21 were ordered to rectify.

   In addition, the city has also carried out cold-chain food supervision and special rectification against smuggling of frozen meat in conjunction with the investigation of imported cold-chain foods related to the epidemic, and strengthened the farmers’ market In addition to the supervision of the third online platform, during the Spring Festival, the city dispatched 355 inspectors and 617 operators to inspect 33 websites, 19 online shops, and 4 e-commerce platforms in the jurisdiction, and filed cases and investigated market sales. There were 2 cases of raw pork products without”two certificates, two chapters and one report”, and one case of consumer complaints. After inspection, no milk dates involved in the epidemic were found in the jurisdiction, no sales of prohibited aquatic products from the Yangtze River or illegal sales of wild animals were found.

   During the Spring Festival, the city strengthened emergency management, earnestly implemented a 24-hour duty system, opened 12315 complaints and reports, and handled complaints and reports from the masses in a timely manner. ,Timely feedback. Carrying out public opinion monitoring, timely grasping of hot spots, and preparing for emergencies at any time, achieving a stable food safety situation.