Food safety in Huainan City during the Spring Festival in 2021 is stable and orderly with zero accidents
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  In order to ensure the food safety of the masses during the Spring Festival, Huainan City’s market supervision and management departments at all levels stick to their posts, comprehensively investigate and control potential safety hazards, strictly investigate illegal and criminal acts, and continue to maintain festivals During the period, food safety accidents had”zero records”.

  According to the characteristics of holiday consumption, the city organizes food safety inspections before the Spring Festival, including food production companies, farmer’s markets, food cold storage, large and medium-sized supermarkets, catering units, etc. Carry out law enforcement inspections and random inspections in business premises. The city dispatched 2,668 law enforcement inspectors (times), dispatched 755 vehicles (times), supervised and inspected 2,918 food production and business units (times), and ordered 1,97 households to rectify and eliminate food safety hazards. 247 cases, 170 food-related cases were investigated, involving 192,000 yuan and 1.136 million yuan in fines.

   During the Spring Festival, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau will promptly release consumer warning information through TV, newspapers, government websites, taxi ceiling lights, outdoor billboards, WeChat and QQ groups, respectively Consumption warnings were issued on food purchases and catering consumption during the holiday season, reminding consumers of the safety precautions to be paid attention to when eating out during the holiday season, purchasing holiday food and health food, and enhancing self-prevention awareness.

   In order to strengthen food safety during the Spring Festival, the city’s market supervision departments at all levels have established a leadership-driven and 24-hour on-duty system, implemented a zero reporting system, and strengthened market inspections during the festival , To effectively eliminate hidden risks in the budding state; at the same time, open the reporting and complaint channels to respond to social concerns in a timely manner. During the Spring Festival, the 12315 hotline accepted 95 food-related reports and complaints, completed 95 cases, and the handling rate was 100%, which truly gave people peace of mind. A peaceful Chinese New Year.