Export Outlook of Vietnam’s Agriculture, Forestry and Aquatic Products
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Food Partner Network News A Vietnamese media reported that in January 2021, the export value of a variety of agricultural products increased significantly over the same period last year. Specifically:the export value of aquatic products reached approximately US$600 million, an increase of 19.6%year-on-year ; Cashew nut exports amounted to US$268 million, a year-on-year increase of 51.7%(export volume increased by 78.2%year-on-year). In the first month of this year, many batches of agricultural and aquatic products from Vietnam were sold to various potential markets.

At the beginning of January 2021, the Customs Branch of Lao Cai International Port in Vietnam has handled the import and export procedures of 516 tons of goods for 12 companies, with a total amount of US$268,000. The main export commodities include agricultural products. Among them, Vietnam Nam Phong Import and Export Co., Ltd. exported nearly 140 tons of dragon fruit to my country’s Yunnan market, with an export value of nearly 1.9 billion VND (about 550,000 yuan).

According to the analysis of economic experts, in 2021, Vietnam’s exports of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products will show optimistic signs. Benefit.

Despite the many difficulties caused by natural disasters and epidemics in 2020, the export volume of Vietnam’s agricultural, forestry and aquatic products still achieved the goal with a record figure of US$41.25 billion. This achievement injects vitality into the agricultural industry’s efforts to achieve a breakthrough in 2021.

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