Expert seminar on”Examination Plan” for the production license of lactic acid bacteria for food processing was held
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   In order to thoroughly implement the reform requirements of the State Council’s”decentralization, regulation and service”, optimize market order and service enterprise quality, help enterprises”increase varieties, improve quality, and create brands” and help enterprises develop high-quality. On the morning of February 2, 2021, the Food Production Safety Supervision Office organized an expert seminar on the”Examination Plan” for the Production License of Lactic Acid Bacteria for Food Processing in Conference Room 424 of the Autonomous Region Drug Administration. Specially invited national food safety experts, all staff of the Food Production Safety Supervision Office, the Chief of the Administrative Service Section of the Chifeng Market Supervision Bureau, and the quality and safety management person in charge of Chifeng Alatan Food Co., Ltd. participated in the demonstration meeting.
  At the meeting, the company reported on the status of the company, the product”review plan”, etc. The expert team and supervisors gave feedback on the product formulation, production process, facilities and equipment, and production process control, storage and transportation, product inspection, etc. The quality and safety risks were carefully studied and discussed, and reasonable, compliant, safe and feasible improvement suggestions were put forward. The meeting emphasized the need to strictly implement the”Food Safety Law” and”Food Production License Management Measures” and other laws and regulations, and strictly control market access. Enterprises should further improve the”Examination Plan” to ensure the quality and safety of listed products.