“Every festive season, think about pros”, the export of Lantern Festival products is busy
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   These days, the dumplings, dumplings and other Lantern products that symbolize reunion have reached the time of the year when the market demand is greatest. Food production enterprises under the jurisdiction of the Guangzhou Customs Customs Area have also appeared to be extremely busy responding to the growing demand in overseas markets.

   Guangzhou Restaurant Group Likoufu Food Co., Ltd., which operates traditional”Cantonese dim sum”, has reached its peak of export of quick-frozen dim sum before the Lantern Festival.”This year, we have exported a total of US$593,000, weighing 222 tons of quick-frozen Lantern Festival products, mainly in Hong Kong and Macau,” said Wen Haosheng, manager of the foreign trade department of Guangzhou Restaurant Group Likoufu Food Co., Ltd.

   In the face of strong market demand, Guangzhou Customs has targeted deep-fried noodles and other food manufacturers to provide precise assistance. Intervene in advance in the enterprise filing and approval process to help export companies produce in accordance with the technical specifications and food production management requirements stipulated by the competent authorities of relevant overseas countries or regions. Through online counseling and on-site inspections, companies are guided to continuously strengthen raw material control and sanitation internal control to ensure product quality and safety from the source.

  ”Under the guidance of Guangzhou Customs, our company successfully passed the registration of external recommendation in October last year, and the food for the festival can be exported smoothly before the festival this year. Recently it is the Lantern Festival During the peak season for food products, in January, we exported 46,810 boxes of quick-frozen dim sum to Hong Kong, a significant increase of 47.9%month-on-month.” said the head of customs operations of Guangzhou Geyun Food Co., Ltd.

  Guangzhou Customs also guides export companies to declare in advance, adopt paperless declarations, online review of documents and other measures to help export quick-frozen snacks and export customs clearance””Zero waiting” to ensure that the Lantern Festival products reach the export market in the shortest time.

   As of February 20 this year, enterprises in the Guangzhou Customs Customs Area have exported glutinous rice balls, dumplings and other lantern products totaling US$1.3332 million, an increase of 55.79%month-on-month, of which exports to Hong Kong and Macau It accounted for 62.72%of the total exports during the same period.