Eat melon scientifically:Can Garbo food supplements be eaten?
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   Not long ago, an investigative team in the US House of Representatives submitted a report on baby food supplements, claiming that Nestlé Garbo, Wal-Mart and other brands of baby food supplements contained a large amount of harmful heavy metals , Will be detrimental to the health of the baby. The news spread to some mothers and babies, making the mothers very nervous. You said that the U.S. House of Representatives is really too political. What is it doing to scare Chinese mothers?

   I read the full text of the report, which is 59 pages long, and the US FDA has been violently approved. There is no standard, inaction, and weak supervision. It is simply a familiar taste picture.

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   didn’t have much to do. As a result, an organization called the”Maternal and Infant Industry Committee of the Chinese Business Economics Association” jumped out and sent notices to the member units. The product is”ordered to be removed.” A seriously untrustworthy organization has such great official power, I am also convinced by the real picture

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   They may be accustomed to misunderstandings. They did not expect to hit a nail this time. After all, Nestlé is the world’s largest food company. Is it a decoration? Nestlé immediately issued a strongly condemning statement,”Come on me.”

   The public relations statement is always well written. I will translate it. The point is that the product is okay:it meets the requirements of the United States in the United States and meets the requirements of China in China. , And also meet the company’s own internal control requirements.

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   With the intervention of various media, the”Mother and Infant Industry Committee” was cleaned up, and quickly deleted posts, apologized, and asked for letting go, everyone was there A burst of laughter gradually disappeared.

   here, is the melon finished? In fact, no. Almost no one paid attention to the report in the whole incident. Although the report is somewhat”civilian”, it presents a lot of data and information, some of which are still valuable. I will extract the key data and explain it.

   First you need to know a few facts:

   There is no special infant food supplement standard in the United States (only a few indicators have recommended guidelines), and China has two national standards for cereal supplementary food (such as rice noodles) And canned food supplements (like vegetable puree, meat puree, fish puree, etc.).

   The more than 100 times exceeding the limit in the media report was copied from the summary of the report. It is actually based on drinking water, bottled water and other standards. It’s not at all The standard of supplementary food is purely to scare people.

  The data in the report is uneven, some are product data, and some are raw material data, which cannot fully reflect the true situation.
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The brands involved in the    report are familiar with Jiabao, which is one of the two largest food supplement brands in China, so many people are worried about buying them. Can Garbo food supplement be given to children? So what can the data in the report tell us?

   First of all, there is no test data of Garbo products in the US report, only data on some raw materials. This may be because the U.S. regulations do not have final product limits and mainly rely on process control. Therefore, I have the right to use the Chinese national standard limit for comparison, which is only for your reference and judgment.

   The limit of inorganic arsenic in Chinese national standard for complementary rice noodles is 200ppb, and the highest inorganic arsenic of Garbo’s rice noodles is less than 100ppb. I guess this is their internal control of raw materials Upper limit. Judging from this data, the inorganic arsenic content of the US version of Garbo rice noodles is unlikely to exceed Chinese standards.
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The lead content of    Garbo’s raw sweet potatoes is about 20-50ppb, and the lead content of concentrated grape juice is 20-30ppb. I guess the company’s internal control indicators will not be much higher than this. The lead limit of China’s baby food supplement ranges from 200-300ppb. Considering the proportion of these raw materials in the product, it is possible that the lead content of the US version of Garbo’s food supplement exceeds the Chinese standard. very small.

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   The report did not see the mercury content of Garbo’s raw materials, but mentioned the data for carrots, sweet potatoes and concentrated lemon juice. According to the data of other brands, the mercury content of these raw materials from Garbo will not be higher than 10ppb. The mercury limit for canned foods in China is 20ppb, and it is mainly for products that are easily contaminated by methylmercury, such as tuna mud. Therefore, it is unlikely that the mercury content of the US version of Garbo will exceed the Chinese standard.


  From the published data, it is unlikely that the heavy metal content of the US version of Garbo food supplement will exceed the Chinese standard limit. This may be the reason why Nestlé dared to be tough.

   The complementary food products imported through formal channels are subject to customs control. You can buy them with confidence, but it is best not to buy them from unknown channels.

   China’s national conditions have determined that the regulatory authorities pay special attention to the testing of final products. Therefore, if you choose large-brand domestic products, the security guarantee is not worse than that of foreign products, even better. In addition, during the supervision and random inspections over the years, Garbo’s food supplements did not show excessive heavy metals.

  Modern inspection methods are very sensitive. It is normal for heavy metals to be detected. Complete elimination is impossible. The key is to control them within a safe range. Food supplement products that meet my country’s national standards are safe and reliable.

   After reading these, can mothers spend the New Year with peace of mind? I wish you all a Happy New Year”in place”~