During the Spring Festival:Beijing Supermarket Mushroom Market Sales Hot
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   Spring Festival is a party festival, it is also a feast of food and a gluttony of taste. A family gathered around, big fish, meat, good vegetables, etc. must be indispensable. How to eat the New Year’s Eve dinner elegantly and healthy, we must be careful. Health experts pointed out that the key to making New Year’s Eve dinner every year is to eat something new and healthy. Mushrooms are a good choice!

   On February 9th, I saw at the Beijing Fruit and Vegetable Good Life (Changyang Store) supermarket that there are a wide range of edible fungi, including dried, fresh, and quick frozen Products, etc. From the price point of view, wild pine mushrooms are 260 yuan/kg, fresh Xiaobaiping 35.98 yuan/kg, fresh hericium 47.9 yuan/kg, fresh red matsutake mushrooms 73.98 yuan/kg, pork belly mushrooms 89 yuan/kg, and fresh shiitake mushrooms 17.98 yuan/kg Yuan/kg, fresh enoki mushroom 13 yuan/kg, Pleurotus citrinopileatus 79.9 yuan/kg, vacuum-packed matsutake 469 yuan/kg, wild golden ear 187.68 yuan/kg, there are all common edible fungi varieties and rare wild fungi.

   Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. There are a large number of mushroom products on the market in supermarkets in most cities across the country, and some supermarkets also launch”Mushroom Platter” in due course to satisfy citizens One-stop procurement requirements. How about it, let’s cook a few fungus dishes on the New Year’s Eve dinner this year to ensure that you can rest assured and eat healthy!