During the Spring Festival, this kind of food has zero complaints and zero accidents!
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  During the Spring Festival, the Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision Bureau further strengthened the safety supervision of special foods such as health foods, formula foods for special medical purposes, and infant formula milk powder, achieving zero complaints from special food production and operation units and zero special food safety accidents in the province .
  The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau attaches great importance to special food safety and epidemic prevention and control during the holiday season, adheres to the principle of”external defense input, internal prevention risk” as the special food safety control principle, and makes pre-holiday safety arrangements in advance.
  External defense input
   The provincial market supervision department comprehensively sorts out and investigates the special food production and operation units that use imported non-cold-chain container goods in their jurisdiction, finds out the base and basic conditions of using imported raw materials and operating imported special food, and urges them to fully develop their own check. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of imported food by special food production and business units, focus on checking the entry inspection and quarantine certificate, disinfection treatment certificate or record of imported goods, and strengthen traceability management.

  Internal risk prevention
  The key units are the headquarters of special food production enterprises in the province and the provincial chain enterprises operating special foods, large supermarkets, wholesalers, and elderly care service institutions, etc., and concentrated consumption areas, crowded areas, rural areas, and meeting places , Communities and other key areas, supervise and inspect special food registration certificates or filing vouchers, label instructions, special counter sales, etc., and urge enterprises to take necessary measures to ensure the safety of special food consumption during the festival.
   During the holiday season, the province’s market supervision system has investigated 1279 special food production companies, chain business headquarters, large wholesalers, large supermarkets, and franchised stores, etc., and investigated 64 batches of 292.8 tons of imported raw materials and imported special There are more than 100 major food brands.