During the Spring Festival, is the meat, egg, fruit and vegetable market sufficient? How to open tourist attractions in various places? Are there any safety issues that require special attention? The authoritative answer is here!
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   On February 10, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council held a press conference in Beijing. The relevant responsible comrades of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the State Post Bureau, as well as clinicians, and couriers attended the press conference to introduce service guarantees and services during the Spring Festival. The situation regarding epidemic prevention and control. Stay tuned for the hot issues of this press conference!

  thanks to all walks of life during the Spring Festival

  Workers who still stick to their posts

  Mi Feng, spokesperson and deputy director of the Publicity Department of the National Health Commission

   Thank you to workers from all walks of life who still stick to their posts during the Spring Festival, and to the media friends who have supported and reported on epidemic prevention and control over the past year. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and I wish you all auspicious Chinese New Year and good health!

  How about the current national market supply?

   Zhu Xiaoliang, Director of Consumer Promotion Department, Ministry of Commerce

   Recently, with the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, various supply guarantee measures have been launched, and the market for daily necessities has been adequately supplied with a wide variety of products. The country’s large-scale backbone supply companies can guarantee the supply of rice noodle oil for more than 45 days, the supply of vegetables and meat can be dynamically guaranteed for 5 days, and the egg can be guaranteed for about 20 days.

   preliminary results show that the number of people celebrating the New Year in 36 large and medium-sized cities this year has increased by more than 48 million compared with previous years. Calculating according to the daily consumption of”two taels of meat, half a catty of rice, and one catty of vegetables” per person per day under normal circumstances, it can fully meet the festive consumption needs of local people during the New Year.

  How about the opening of various tourist attractions in China during the Spring Festival?

   Ministry of Culture and Tourism Market Management Division First Inspector Hou Zhengang

   In accordance with the overall deployment of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, tourist attractions in various regions have conscientiously implemented the specifics of “we must firmly maintain the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control, and we must not shut it down.” It is required to open in an orderly manner under the leadership of the local party committee and government. According to statistics, during the Spring Festival, except for the seasonal closure of tourist attractions in parts of the north and the temporary closure of individual areas due to epidemic prevention and control requirements, 80%of the A-level tourist attractions in the country have been open normally, basically”opening as much as possible.” A-level tourist attractions in various regions will follow the principle of”limitation, appointment, and peak shifting” to do an orderly work on the opening of scenic spots to ensure the people’s travel and leisure needs during the Spring Festival holiday.

  How does the postal express industry deal with the risk of positive detection of new coronavirus on the surface of express cold chains and items?

  Bian Zuodong, Deputy Director, Market Supervision Department, State Post Bureau

   In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, so that everyone can use express delivery services with more confidence, in accordance with the requirements of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism, the State Post Bureau has formulated the industry’s epidemic prevention The control operation guidelines are currently in the sixth edition. Specific requirements mainly include:

   One is to conduct regular ventilation and disinfection in external business premises, mail express handling premises, and internal office premises. The health status of employees is monitored and registered daily. The second is to carry out disinfection of imported mail shipments at the first time. Generally, the outer surface of the imported mail is sprayed with disinfectant, and then it is left for a period of time before sorting. The third is to cooperate with customs and anti-epidemic departments to carry out inspection and quarantine, sample collection, and disinfection of imported cold chain food. Customs declaration documents and inspection and quarantine certificates must be strictly checked, and information must be truthfully registered. Do not open the outer packaging without authorization during processing.

   In addition, the company reserves adequate epidemic prevention and control materials, including disinfection equipment, disinfection supplies, masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc., according to the size of the pieces and the number of personnel. And according to the frequency of changing masks every 4 to 6 hours of work, masks are regularly distributed for free.

   At present, the entire industry is organizing vaccination in a stable and orderly manner in accordance with the requirements of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism. For example, Beijing has completed the task of vaccinating 50,000 courier brothers, and other regions are also vaccinating courier brothers according to plan and step by step. So we still want to ask you to rest assured that you can use the express service during the Spring Festival.

  What are the safety issues that require special attention during the Spring Festival?

   Beijing Children’s Hospital Emergency Department Director Wang Quan

   During the Spring Festival, try to minimize gatherings; when dining out, choose a formal restaurant with qualified sanitary conditions. During the Spring Festival, most families will buy or produce a lot of food. They should purchase qualified food within the validity period through formal channels to avoid contact with live poultry; animal food should be cooked thoroughly; raw and cooked food should be separated during food processing; food varieties should be diversified , Vegetables and fruits should be washed and peeled, eating modestly, do not overeating, avoid eating too much irritating food, including too sweet, too oily, and too salty food; drinking moderately, do not eat leftovers for too long dish.

   If you have children at home, in addition to eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, drinking plenty of water, ensuring protein intake, matching meat and vegetables, and matching weights, I want to remind everyone in particular However, during the Spring Festival, you may buy more nuts and dried fruits at home. Please do not eat whole nuts for children under 3 years old. If you must eat them, please break them and eat them; develop good eating habits for your children. The ancients said that”food can’t speak, sleep and sleep”. Don’t tease your children when they eat, and don’t feed your children during activities such as running and jumping, lest food enter the respiratory tract and cause suffocation. If suffocation occurs, call the emergency number immediately and perform first aid on site under the guidance of emergency personnel.

  How is the situation of courier retention this year? What are the changes compared with previous years?

   China Post Beijing Haidian Branch Zhongguancun branch recruits Shi Chunhua, an investor

   I was a courier in 2011, and I participated in expressing the Spring Festival every year. This year is the 10th year. In previous years, everyone went home for the New Year. The packages we delivered were clothing, cosmetics, and gifts. This year, everyone responded to the government’s call to celebrate the New Year on the spot. The packages we delivered have also changed, mainly including agricultural products, daily necessities, fruits and vegetables. Class-oriented. There are 51 people in our Zhongguancun sales department. Except for 2 colleagues who went home, all the others are on duty. I am from Baoding, Hebei. Every New Year’s Eve, I celebrate the New Year at home and have a reunion dinner with my family. I am in Beijing this year for the Chinese New Year. My family also supports me in particular, responding to the government’s call, and at the same time earning more income. I also look forward to a different New Year’s Eve with my colleagues on New Year’s Eve. I think that every one of us will do our best, and the epidemic will eventually pass and our lives will return to their original state.