During the Spring Festival, alcohol consumption continued to be hot, and liquor occupied the C position
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  People take food as their heaven. During the New Year holidays, whether it is a family dinner or visiting relatives and friends, the topic of”eating and drinking” is naturally indispensable. During the Spring Festival, baijiu firmly occupies the C position on the Chinese New Year wine table. Although affected by the epidemic, it is still not possible to have fun gatherings, but the demand for buying new year goods and gifts is still showing an upward trend, and liquor consumption is on the rise. In the continued upward trend of A shares in January this year, liquor has become one of the most popular sectors.
  Because of policies such as promoting the New Year on the spot, limiting the number of parties, and prohibiting large-scale banquets, liquor dealers are facing a big test, and the market is not expected to be very good. However, as the Spring Festival sales season approaches, it makes everyone aware This time the demand has risen instead of falling. Especially for high-end liquor stalls, because the demand of this group is biased towards gifts or gatherings, it is not too affected by the epidemic, and because the gatherings are relatively small and the frequency is relatively low, people are more inclined to buy products with higher prices. Some dealers said that due to the impact of the epidemic, many corporate annual meetings and group visits have been cancelled this year, but the demand for business and private gifts has increased. High-end liquor is very popular. Now our pace of payment is basically advancing in an orderly manner.
  Data shows that before the Spring Festival, more than 70%of netizens tend to buy liquor and domestic beer. Under the influence of the new crown epidemic, China’s wine industry has been severely impacted. Traditional wine companies have transformed and expanded online business. During the Spring Festival, major liquor brands have also increased their discounts and promotions on e-commerce platforms to obtain development dividends.
  Relevant people believe that the development of new vertical liquor retail platforms is facing competition from strong traffic platforms such as Tmall and JD.com. As the cooperation between e-commerce giants and liquor companies deepens, market competition will become more intense. Severe verticalization is more and more important for the formation of a differentiation strategy for wine e-commerce. The wine e-commerce needs to transform towards planning and marketing. Planning and marketing is the breakthrough and entry point for competition in the future wine market. At the same time, a diversified strategy is a guide for the future, and brand value and corporate culture will become the focus of future development.
   CCTV reported that according to the State Administration of Taxation’s value-added tax invoice data, from February 3 to 9, the sales revenue of the comprehensive retail industry increased by 14.8%year-on-year, which was a relatively high growth rate. In terms of specific industries, food consumption expenditures increased by 12.2%year-on-year. According to JD data, consumption is still strong during this Spring Festival. According to data provided by JD.com, this year’s New Year’s Festival orders, such as rice, noodles, oil and alcohol, and other heavy goods in consumer goods, have increased by 1-2 times year-on-year.
   Compared with last year, the current epidemic situation is in a scattered, small-scale and controllable state. Major wine companies have sufficient experience in response. The implementation of the National Health Commission’s return to home policy has reduced the liquor market to a certain extent. Uncertainty. According to a research report, under the influence of the”Chinese New Year on the spot” policy, liquor consumption in first- and second-tier cities is expected to benefit. The overall consumption level in first- and second-tier cities is relatively high, and the festivals are mainly private banquets, which is expected to be beneficial to high-end liquor consumption and structural upgrading.
   Now the main force of consumption is the post-90s and post-00s. Their love and recognition of traditional Chinese culture has formed a new trend and also led the post-80s. Under the common development of new media, how to force liquor companies to rely on liquor The advantages of traditional culture, especially for those born in the 80s, 90s, and 00s, to create a multi-element new traditional cultural consumption concept to cater to the new market that is currently formed, and complete the purpose of cultivating consumers and expanding market share. At the same time, under the background of economic globalization, cultural diversification, and the development of social information, Chinese liquor should highlight cultural innovation and make Chinese liquor culture an important window to promote traditional Chinese culture and display the charm of Chinese culture, so as to continue the rise of the liquor industry The heat.
  The responsibility for responsibility and the empowerment of the development of the times are the manifestations of the value of the new era liquor axis brand. In this big test brought about by the epidemic, liquor companies are the respondents, and consumers are the scorers. Only products and brands that truly resonate with consumers will become the”high performers”.