Due to changes in the Indian government’s export policy, Myanmar’s onion exports may decline
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   According to a report on the 7th News on January 3, the chairman of the Myanmar Onion, Garlic and Culinary Association, Wu Qinhan, said that changes in the Indian government’s export policy may lead to a decrease in the demand for Myanmar onions in foreign markets.

  In 2019, the Indian government suspended onion exports and will resume in early 2021. India’s relaxation of onion export policy may lead to a decrease in Bangladesh’s demand for onions to be purchased from Myanmar.
   In the past, Bangladesh imported more than 500,000 tons of onions from India each year. When India stopped exporting onions in 2019, Bangladesh mainly purchased imported onions from Myanmar through border trade, and the daily purchase amount reached 100,000 kyats, making Myanmar’s domestic onion prices hit a record high.
   It is reported that due to the increase in onion prices last year, Myanmar has planted a large number of onions this year. The local onion price in the rainy season this year is about 500 kyats per kyat. About 100 kyats.