Dongying City Market Supervision Administration 2021 Municipal Food and Beverage Phase I Food Safety and Nursing Festival Supervision and Sampling Notice (2021 No. 5)
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   Recently, in order to ensure food safety during the Spring Festival, Dongying City Market Supervision Administration organized a safety supervision and random inspection of the catering links in the city. A total of 100 batches were sampled and inspected. There are 99 batches of qualified samples and 1 batch of unqualified samples, with a pass rate of 99.00%. See the attachment for the test items. According to the national food safety standards, if individual items are unqualified, their products are judged as unqualified products. The specific situation is announced as follows:

  1. Inspection situation

   Among the 100 batches of inspections, 58 batches of edible agricultural products were randomly inspected, and 1 batch was unqualified; 17 batches of catering food; 7 batches of starch and starch products; 8 batches of wine ; 3 batches of dairy products, 7 batches of edible oil, grease and their products, and no unqualified batches.

   2. The unqualified products are as follows:

   The detection value of ofloxacin is 37.1μg/kg for the raw pork sampled at Kuai Le Shidai Restaurant in Dongying Development Zone. The standard stipulates that it cannot be detected. The inspection agency is Dongying Food and Drug Inspection Center.

   3. For the unqualified products found in the above-mentioned random inspections, the market supervision department of the county and district where the catering service unit is located has been required to investigate and deal with in accordance with the law, and the investigation and handling will be carried out by the end of March 2021 It was reported to Dongying Market Supervision Administration and announced to the public.

  Dongying Market Supervision Administration

   February 7, 2021