Dezhou City Market Supervision Bureau on the consumption reminder during the Spring Festival
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   2021 Spring Festival is approaching, the Dezhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau combined with the current epidemic prevention and control situation to remind consumers to protect safety and comply with epidemic prevention and control regulations; and Consume reasonably and spend the happy and peaceful Spring Festival. Specially released the following consumption tips during the Spring Festival:

  Safe and civilized consumption, cooperate with epidemic prevention and control

   Consumers must follow the epidemic prevention and control requirements and cooperate with relevant management personnel to do a good job of temperature measurement and personal information registration. You must wear a mask and personal protection when you go out to purchase Chinese New Year goods. You can make a shopping list in advance, shorten the time for shopping outside, do not get together, do not rush, keep a safe distance and reduce stays and crowds.

  Healthy and safe consumption, rationally face the promotional products

  The Spring Festival is approaching. Consumers should stay rational, shop on demand, consume healthily, and go to”safe consumption demonstration malls and supermarkets” whenever possible. Major merchants have launched a wide range of promotional activities, such as”discounts”,”coupons full reduction”,”old-for-new”,”lottery gifts”, etc. In the face of various promotional activities, consumers must remain rational and guard against falsehoods Promotion. Be wary that some products are marked with price concessions, but in fact there are no concessions or even higher prices than similar products in the market. Don’t trust the verbal promises of businesses, etc.

  green consumption, and jointly resist food waste strong>

   Consumers who book a New Year’s Eve dinner or eat out, try their best to choose a catering company with a good reputation, integrity management, and food safety. It is necessary to clarify the details of consumption, and know the name of the dish and the actual content. Keep the catering voucher or invoice to ensure that there is evidence for rights protection. Develop a diligent, thrifty, green, environmentally friendly, healthy and civilized dining style, cherish food, eat frugally, no leftovers, no food waste, and eliminate”waste on the tip of the tongue.” Advocate the system of “separate meals and share food”. When dining, you should use “public chopsticks and public spoons” to eat, instead of picking up dishes with private chopsticks or serving others to prevent gatherings of people to eat “saliva meals”. When dining, choose cooked food as much as possible, avoid raw and cold food, and refrain from buying, selling or eating wild animals.

  Scientific and rational consumption, beware of prepaid consumption traps strong>

   Spring Festival is approaching, various businesses have launched promotional activities to remind consumers when choosing prepaid consumption methods in the fields of beauty salons, fitness, car washing, education and training , Consume rationally, recharge on demand, do not blindly follow, do not believe in the promotion of ultra-low discounts, you should purchase and recharge prepaid consumption (card) scientifically and rationally according to your actual consumption needs, and the amount of recharge each time should not be too much. When prepaid consumption:one is to understand the operator’s market reputation and operating conditions, and to choose a company with a large scale of operation and good market reputation; the second is to carefully inquire about the rights and obligations of both parties and sign a service consumption contract; the third is to keep it well Consumption contracts or invoices, receipts and other relevant evidence; fourth, if an operator absconds with money and is suspected of economic fraud, he should promptly report to the public security organ.

   The Dezhou City Market Supervision Bureau reminds consumers:During the holidays, you must consume in a civilized, safe, scientific and rational manner. No matter what kind of consumption, you must obtain and save the invoice. And other consumption vouchers, and the consumption vouchers should indicate the goods or services, name, quantity, price, time limit, etc. If you encounter consumer disputes when purchasing goods or receiving services, you should communicate with the merchants and negotiate to resolve them in a timely manner. If the negotiation fails, you can call 12345 (12315) to complain, or directly report to the market supervision department and consumers where the operator is located The association and other departments file complaints to protect their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law.