Dali County Market Supervision Bureau in Weinan City comprehensively investigates hidden dangers of school food safety
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    After a holiday, the lovely cute babies are about to return to school and start their school life in the new school year. So, has the food safety self-examination in the school cafeteria started? How is the preparation for the resumption of work in the centralized distribution unit of student nutrition? What is the food safety environment around the campus? With these questions, on February 26, the Dali County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau sent a capable force to form a surprise inspection team. Distribution companies and many schools in the city have carried out inspections of food safety risks before school starts.

   The inspection starts from ten aspects including epidemic prevention and control, personnel management, system implementation, site environment, facilities and equipment, procurement and storage, processing and production, cleaning and disinfection, inspection and testing, transportation and distribution, and strictly investigates the epidemic prevention and control measures of the catering units Implementation, health of staff, personal hygiene of operators, etc.; Strictly check whether the internal and external environments of the processing and business premises are clean and whether the tableware disinfection facilities are operating and used normally; Strictly check whether the system of requesting certificates and invoices is strictly implemented and the receipts and food materials are properly stored Whether it’s stored in accordance with the regulations, whether the food in stock is regularly inspected and cleaned up spoiled and expired food; whether the finished products, semi-finished products, and raw materials are stored separately, whether the food is cooked thoroughly; whether the food is prepared in a special room in strict accordance with the regulations, and whether it is Disinfect the special room before and after the second meal.
   At the same time, in view of the actual situation of the school’s upcoming school opening, the Dali County Market Supervision Bureau deployed early and has carried out a special inspection of food safety in the school cafeteria for several days. The inspection starts with strengthening internal control, strictly implementing the school’s food safety principal responsibility system, consolidating the job responsibilities of campus food safety managers and practitioners, and urging the school to carry out comprehensive and detailed internal self-inspections, and do a good job in personnel health, raw material purchase management, environmental and environmental protection Disinfection of dinning utensils and the management of catering links, strictly control high-risk varieties, and strengthen education on food safety and healthy eating for students.
   For the food business stores around the school, the market supervision bureaus and the grassroots market supervision all carried out high-frequency and full-coverage law enforcement inspections, and comprehensively investigated whether the systems of incoming inspection, processing and production, cleaning and disinfection, and food sample retention were implemented. Strictly investigate illegal activities such as”three noes” food, counterfeit and inferior food, and incomplete cleaning and disinfection of tableware around the school.
   So far, a total of 810 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched, 43 school canteens have been inspected, 11 violations have been corrected on site, 770 food businesses around the campus have been inspected, and 7 cases of violations of various laws and regulations have been filed and handled.