Customs support promotes quality improvement, Xinghua lotus root grasps domestic and foreign markets
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  ”Chinese New Year is coming soon, how about the production and export situation during this period?” On February 7, Chen Ruihui and Zhao Xincan, customs officers of Taizhou Customs under Nanjing Customs, were in Jinsha, Jiangsu The export lotus root base of the Food Co., Ltd. asked Mo Pengqi, the person in charge of the company, to learn about the lotus root stocking before the Spring Festival.

  Taizhou Xinghua area has vertical and horizontal rivers and ports, well-developed water systems, abundant water sources, warm and humid climate, and fertile watery soil, so that the lotus root growing here has both It has the characteristics of high starch, large size and sufficient sugar content. Especially in early autumn, the floral lotus root is sweet, crisp, rich in moisture, and has a good taste. It has the reputation of”fruit lotus root”. At present, Xinghua lotus roots are mainly exported in the form of boiled, salted, and frozen, with an annual export value of up to 5 million US dollars.

   In the first half of last year, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the global economic downturn, the Xinghua lotus root export industry suffered a certain impact, facing the problems of sluggish external demand and reduced orders.”Because the country is the first to control the epidemic, we will turn our attention to the domestic market and actively seek changes to find new development opportunities.” Mo Pengqi said.

  After a change of thinking, the effect is immediately obvious. All of Jinsha’s lotus root products come from export demonstration bases. With its variety advantages, good base management and mature quality control, it has quickly won the”favor” of many large domestic catering chain enterprises. At present, it has signed cooperation agreements with 6 food groups and listed companies to supply fresh and processed agricultural products, mainly lotus root.

  ”We are also happy for the company to hear this news.” said Chen Ruihui, head of the enterprise management section of Taizhou Customs,”the core competitiveness of Xinghua lotus root products It lies in quality. Therefore, we have increased our support for exporting food and agricultural products companies and planting bases, from the management of agricultural chemical inputs to the self-inspection and self-control of the collection and acceptance, from the establishment of the production process system to the product traceability management. The whole process of”from farm to table” is controllable and the whole chain is supervised. Related companies have also obtained ISO22000 and ISO9000 quality system certification, which further enhances the competitiveness of products.”

   At present, Taizhou Xinghua lotus root production enterprises have sold more than 15 million yuan in lotus root products in the domestic market, an increase of more than 50%year-on-year.

  ”We did not lose sight of the foreign market, the company went all out to develop new varieties,”Chikuzen boiled” with lotus root, carrots, bamboo shoots, burdock, etc. as the main raw materials. The response has been very good. This year, we also intend to continue to enhance the automation of equipment and deepen product research and development. We plan to use one to two years to realize the”two-legged” sales model of export and domestic sales, and maintain the stability of the product supply chain.” Mo Pengqi is full of confidence in development.