Corteva cooperates with Simbiose Agro to develop and promote biological products in Brazil
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   World Agrochemical Network Chinese Net report:Corteva Agrotech and Simbiose Agro, Brazil’s largest microbial technology producer, announced a multi-year cooperation agreement, which will bring good news to Brazilian farmers.

   The two companies will work closely together to jointly promote and develop Simbiose’s biostimulant and biocontrol solutions portfolio and products under development for sugarcane, soybeans, corn and other crops and other specialty crops. Other details of the agreement were not disclosed.
  Kodihua Plant Protection Business Platform President Susanne Wasson said:“Kodihua provides natural products that can work synergistically with traditional plant protection solutions to provide growers with more choices. We are very pleased to cooperate with Simbiose to develop A continuous program to help farmers meet changing market demands while maintaining the fertility and health of the land.”
  Corteva’s newly created global biological product portfolio is dedicated to the development of predictable and mature biostimulants, biological control and pheromone products. This cooperation marks another step forward for Corteva’s combination. Simbiose’s technology portfolio will play a key role in bringing feasible and differentiated solutions for integrated pest control, maximizing yield potential and productivity, and promoting sustainable development in line with Corteva’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.
   Marcelo de Godoy Oliveira, CEO of Simbiose Agro, said:“We are always committed to the development of green and environmentally friendly biotechnology that can promote high agricultural yields. Corteva shares the same philosophy as we; this is what we are willing to do with this industry benchmark. The reason for the company’s cooperation. Through this cooperation, growers will get sustainable inputs, and people will have healthier and higher-quality food. We firmly believe that this is only the cooperation between Simbiose and Corteva Agricultural Technology At the beginning, we have more opportunities for cooperation in the future.”