Consumer tips:Consumers should also pay attention to the quality and safety of cake packaging products when buying cakes
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   In the second half of 2020, the Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Administration carried out product quality and safety risk monitoring on 40 batches of food-related products from 26 production and business units in Xining and Haidong. The main products monitored are 10 types of products including disposable plastic lunch boxes, plastic spoons, plastic trays, yogurt boxes, disposable plastic cups, aviation cups, milk tea straws, plastic bottles and plastic bottle caps, and cake packaging boxes.
  The monitoring results showed that among the 10 batches of samples from 10 cake shops in Xining City, 5 batches of cake packaging cartons tested positive for fluorescent substances. In response to the problems discovered, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, together with the regional market supervision bureau and the Provincial Consumer Association, conducted responsibility interviews with enterprises with risk problems, and ordered them to rectify within a time limit to ensure the quality and safety of raw materials.
  Fluorescent substances are mandatory testing items required by GB 4806.8-2016″National Food Safety Standard Food Contact Paper and Paperboard Materials and Products”. Fluorescent substances, namely fluorescent brighteners, are organic compounds that can improve the brightness and whiteness of fiber fabrics and paper. Excessive addition of fluorescent whitening agent to food packaging, household paper and other products may accumulate in the human body through migration, reduce human immunity and endanger human health.
  The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau and the Provincial Consumer Association remind consumers that they need to pay attention to the quality and safety of the packaging carton when buying cakes:First, check the appearance of the product. The outer packaging carton of the cake should be complete and clean, and there should be no obvious damage, peculiar smell, stains, impurities, etc. The second is to check relevant documents. Ask for and check whether the packaging carton has a license or product qualification inspection report (certificate). Don’t buy what is not available. The third is to enhance self-protection awareness. Consumers should strengthen their awareness of quality and self-protection, and resolutely resist products that are substandard or have hidden quality safety hazards. In the process of purchase and use, if unqualified products or products with hidden quality and safety risks are found, they should promptly complain to market supervision departments, consumer protection associations and other organizations, so that substandard products have no place to hide, and protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law .
   Contribution:Quality Supervision Department