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   The overall requirements for market supervision in Gansu Province in 2021 are:

   Persist in Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guidance, thoroughly implement the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 19th Second Middle School, Third Middle School, Fourth Middle School, and Fifth Middle School The spirit of the plenary meeting and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and instructions to Gansu, fully implement the decisions and deployments of the economic work conferences of the central and provincial party committees, adhere to the general tone of the work of seeking progress while maintaining stability, adhere to the new development stage, implement the new development concept, and serve the new development pattern , Continue to do a good job in the”six stability”, implement the”six guarantees” task, continue to build the”five goals system”, focus on deepening the reform of”delegation of management and service”, focus on strengthening supervision during and after the event, focus on the bottom line of safety, and focus on improving quality We will strive to build a modern market supervision system, further optimize the business environment, enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security, and make new contributions to ensure a good start and start in the”14th Five-Year Plan”, with outstanding results Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party.

   focus on the following tasks


   Do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, highlight mission responsibility

   (1) Strengthen the functions of market supervision departments

  1. Resolutely obey the dispatch and command of the party committees and governments at all levels, and always take epidemic prevention and control as the primary political task and the most important task at present. Provincial bureaus should give full play to the leading functions of the provincial epidemic prevention and control leading group for living supplies and market supervision groups. Market supervision departments at all levels should follow the task division of local party committees and governments and the deployment of provincial bureaus to solidly do a good job in epidemic monitoring and early warning, vaccine development and production Use, prevention and control of key places,”physical prevention” in key areas, and information traceability management.

   (2) Grasp the market to stabilize prices and ensure supply

  2. Keep track of market supply and price trends, strengthen the supervision of major commodities such as rice noodle oil, meat, eggs, and milk, and earnestly guard the”vegetable basket” and”rice bag” The bottom line of product quality and safety.

  3. Continue to monitor the quality of anti-epidemic materials, and make every effort to serve the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control. Strengthen supervision services, effectively increase the rate of vaccine batch issuance, strictly manage the entire vaccine process, improve the vaccine electronic traceability system, and crack down on illegal activities in accordance with the law.

   (3) Strengthen prevention and control of key links and key areas

  4. In accordance with the principle of”first inspection, batch coverage, sampling inspection”, further improve the information notification system, implement the general warehouse management system, and improve the”Gansu Province Food The safety information traceability platform” imported cold chain food supervision system, urges food producers and operators to implement their main responsibilities, comprehensively strengthen traceability management, and realize the first stop code.

  5. Continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control in densely populated areas such as food (edible agricultural products) wholesale markets, farmer’s markets, supermarkets, etc., to ensure that various prevention and control measures continue Put it in place.

   6. Do a good job of health monitoring and regular nucleic acid testing for front-line personnel in market supervision.

   (4) Improve emergency supervision capabilities

  7. Seriously summarize the emergency supervision experience since last year, improve emergency plans such as abnormal market price fluctuations, and strengthen the reserve of emergency measures against price bidding, counterfeiting and inferiority.

   8. Strengthen the monitoring of public opinion, actively respond to social concerns, and respond to public opinion hotspots in a timely manner.


  Optimizing the business environment and improving service capabilities

   (5) Deepen the reform of”separation of licenses and licenses”

  9. Regarding unimpeded market access as the primary link in stimulating the vitality of various market entities, and solidly carry out deepening the reform of “decentralization, management and service” to optimize the business environment and improve quality Bid year activities.

  10. Promote reforms according to the four methods of canceling approval, changing from approval to filing, implementing notification commitments, and optimizing approval services, so as to better promote the notification commitment system and earnestly Improve the efficiency of examination and approval.

  (6) Deepen the reform of the commercial entity registration system

  11. Fully implement”no-face” service,”one thing once” and enterprise start-up”one window”, and promote the realization of high-frequency events”Provincial and intra-provincial administration”, promote the implementation of reform measures such as”not come, enjoy”,”one network connection”, and”second approval”, and strive to solve the problem of market entities”difficult to operate”, and provide market entities with more fairness and transparency , Standardized, convenient and predictable business environment.

  (7) Deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system of the market supervision department

  12. Vigorously promote the generation, sharing and application of electronic licenses.

  13. Optimize the examination and approval services, and ensure that the licenses for five important industrial products such as steel and cement delegated by the General Administration are accessible and well managed.

  14. Deepen the reform of the qualification accreditation commitment system and product certification system for inspection and testing institutions.

  15. Deepen the reform of the intellectual property review system, innovate the patent review model, and fully implement the reform of the trademark review and signature mechanism.

   (8) Deepen the implementation of policies and measures to protect market entities

  16. Highlight the important task of protecting market entities, and fully implement the provincial “55 measures” and the provincial bureau’s two “28 measures” to support enterprise development policies, further Give full play to the role of Gansu Province as a public service platform for market entities, and do everything possible to protect and assist market entities, especially small, medium and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, to stimulate the vitality of market entities and ensure stable growth of market entities.


   stick to the bottom line of safety, build a strong line of defense

   (9) Strengthening food safety supervision

  17. Focus on the concerns of the masses, implement the”four most stringent” requirements, tighten and consolidate the responsibilities of party and government leadership, departmental responsibilities, and corporate responsibility, and give full play to the province The Food Safety Committee will coordinate, appraise, and supervise and inspect the role, and make every effort to promote the ten critical actions for the construction of”Food Safety Gansu”.

  18. Promote”Internet + Food” supervision, vigorously promote the use of the”Longshang Food Safety” integrated food safety smart supervision platform, and fully implement the”transparent workshop””Sunshine warehousing” and”bright kitchen bright stove” intelligent supervision

  19. Promote the construction of a traceability system for key varieties of food production enterprises, implement the management of imported cold chain food safety warehouses, and realize food safety information forward and reverse traceability , The process can be controlled, and the responsibility can be investigated.

  20. Deepen the implementation of actions such as improving the quality and safety of the catering industry, comprehensively improving small food workshops, and improving the quality of infant formula milk powder.

  21. Intensify the prevention and control of food safety risks for collective meals in rural areas, and strictly prevent and control the occurrence of group food poisoning incidents.

  22. Establish and improve the food safety sampling and monitoring system, and achieve 50,000″Internet + bright kitchen stoves” in the province by the end of 2021, and food production enterprises in the province. The implementation rate of”Transparent Workshop” has reached more than 70%, the amount of food safety sampling inspection is higher than the relevant national requirements, the detection rate of unqualified food safety sampling monitoring is higher than the national average, and the inspection and disposal rate of substandard products has reached 100%, which further enhances the public’s food safety Safe sense of security and satisfaction.

   (10) Strengthening the safety supervision of medicines and vaccines

  23. In-depth implementation of vaccine management law and drug management law, comprehensive use of daily inspections, unannounced inspections, random inspections, monitoring and evaluation and other methods to supervise the implementation of the main body of the enterprise responsibility.

  24. Strengthen the supervision of key products such as centralized procurement of drugs, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, and blood products, and severely punish violations of laws and regulations.

  25. Do a good job in the assessment of the vaccine national regulatory system (NRA), and establish a vaccine (drug) regulatory quality management system that is in line with international standards.

  26. Strive to build the Gansu Province vaccine and other biological products batch issuing and drug safety evaluation center.

  27. Accelerate the promotion of smart drug supervision. Establish a regulatory service system that meets the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and strengthen the supervision of the quality and safety of traditional Chinese medicine.

  28. Accelerate the advancement of the pilot production area processing of authentic medicinal materials, and promote the construction of the national comprehensive experimental zone for the development of traditional Chinese medicine. Closely follow up and judge the problems that may arise in research and development, production, circulation, and use, and actively prepare to properly deal with various risks and challenges, and scientifically organize the implementation of the batch issuance system.

  29. Reasonably allocate supervision resources, strengthen the entire product traceability and supervision measures, severely crack down and investigate various illegal circulation behaviors, and ensure the quality, safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

   (11) Strengthen the safety supervision of special equipment

  30. Focusing on the three-year action to continuously deepen special equipment safety rectification, comprehensively organize and carry out the construction of a “dual prevention” mechanism to resolutely curb serious and serious accidents.

  31. Give full play to the role of insurance and other market-oriented mechanisms, and continue to deepen the reform of elevator on-demand maintenance and inspection and testing.

  32. Consolidate the results of the rectification of problems reported by the central ecological and environmental protection inspector, and continue to do a good job in the elimination and rectification of pressure coal-fired boilers.

  33. Continuously strengthen the provincial special supervision and inspection of special equipment certified units, and promote the improvement of the intrinsic safety level of special equipment.

  34. Pay attention to the construction of special equipment supervision team, maintain and strengthen the team’s professional supervision ability.

   (12) Strengthen industrial product safety supervision

  35. Promote the classified supervision of key industrial products, formulate and publish the”Gansu Province Key Industrial Product Quality Supervision Catalog (2021 Edition)”.

  36. Carry out pilot work on product quality and safety risk information monitoring, and establish a product quality and safety monitoring and evaluation early warning mechanism.

  37. Strengthen the quality and safety supervision of basic livelihood products, continue to strengthen the quality supervision of key consumer products, key industrial products, cotton and other fibers, and carry out food-related products, hazardous chemicals, etc. Special inspections for enterprises with production licenses, organizing inspections of key industrial quality safety hazards such as wires and cables, cement, and hazardous chemicals, to ensure the quality and safety of industrial products.

  38. In-depth organization and implementation of children and student supplies safety protection activities, intensified defect investigation and product recall, and strict product quality and safety incidents mandatory reporting system.


  Implementing the strategy of strengthening quality province to help high-quality development

   (13) Do a good job in the top-level design of quality work

  39. Actively play the role of the Provincial Quality Development Leading Group Office, revise and improve the”Gansu Provincial Quality Incentive Policy Measures”,”Gansu Provincial Government Quality Award Implementation Measures”,”Gansu The “Provincial Quality Work Assessment Measures” and other systems have further strengthened quality incentive policies and assessment measures, and promoted governments at all levels to implement the main responsibility for quality work.

  40. Convene a provincial quality conference in due course.

  41. Scientifically formulate the”14th Five-Year” modernization plan for market supervision, and use better policies, larger projects, and more funds to support high-quality development.

   (14) In-depth implementation of quality improvement actions

  42. Formulate the”Gansu Province Quality Improvement Action Plan (2021-2023)”, focus on key areas, key products, key industries, and key areas to strengthen overall quality management , Continuously improve the overall level of quality.

  43. Solidly carry out”Metering Service for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”,”Improving Actions for Standardization and Compliance”,”Improving Actions for Quality Management System Certification of Small and Micro Enterprises”, and”Quality Technical Assistance”Circular consultation” and other activities.

  44. Optimize the quality development environment that gathers all forces, and do a good job in the construction of demonstration cities with strong quality, the creation of quality brand demonstration zones, and the cultivation and selection of China Quality Awards.

   (15) Promoting standard revision and high-end quality certification

  45. Strengthen the construction of local standard management system, promulgate the”Gansu Province Enterprise Standards”Lead Runner” Management Measures”, optimize and improve the”Gansu Province Local Standards Revision Management Platform” to improve the level of standardized and scientific management.

  46. Strengthen the certification of green eco-industry and organic products, vigorously tap the province’s characteristic and advantageous industries such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fruit, and improve the added value and quality of agricultural products Benefit, promote the famous, high-quality and special products of our province to”go out”, and enhance the brand influence of”Honesty Gansu·Authentic Sweetness”.

   (16) Do a good job in measuring people’s livelihood

  47. Earnestly implement the Provincial Bureau’s”Guiding Opinions on Further Strengthening the Construction of Social Public Measurement Standards in the Province” to improve the quantity and quality of public measurement standards.

  48. Carry out special supervision and spot checks on quantitative packaging and measurement of excessive packaging, and strengthen civil four-meters, taxi meter, small scales, refueling (gas) machines, etc. Compulsory verification and supervision of law enforcement of measuring instruments closely related to the people’s lives, and safeguard fair trade

   (seventeen) build a quality service complex

  49. Actively build an”Internet + quality infrastructure” platform, vigorously carry out the pilot work of quality infrastructure”one-stop” service, and guide local organic integration standards and measurement , Certification and accreditation, inspection and testing, quality management, intellectual property and other quality infrastructure resources to form a quality service complex. It is planned to carry out provincial-level pilot projects in Lanzhou, Jinchang, Baiyin, Dingxi, Dunhuang and Huixian.


  Promote the use of intellectual property protection to stimulate innovation

  50. In accordance with the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping in strengthening the six aspects of intellectual property protection, the”14th Five-Year Plan” of Gansu Province’s Intellectual Property Protection and Application Plan was scientifically prepared and launched Formulate a strategic plan for strengthening the province with intellectual property rights for 2035, and strive to create new highlights in the province’s intellectual property work in accordance with the”six major and six new” work ideas of the province’s intellectual property rights.

  51. Vigorously promote the implementation of the cooperation and consultation mechanism between the provincial government and the State Intellectual Property Office, establish and improve the intellectual property index system, policy system, and assessment system, and promote intellectual property rights Provincial construction has achieved new results.

   China (Gansu) Intellectual Property Protection Center will be established before the end of 52.7, planning to build an intellectual property big data sub-center, actively fostering intellectual property arbitration and mediation institutions, and constructing intellectual property disputes Diversified solutions, adopted effective measures to increase the crackdown on infringement and counterfeiting, and actively created a high ground for intellectual property protection.

  53. Promote the construction of property rights ports, coordinate and promote the construction of Silk Road international intellectual property ports, explore the establishment of Gansu Province intellectual property pledge financing risk compensation fund, and build Yuzhong ecology Innovation City High-value Intellectual Property Transformation Park.

  54. Give full play to the role of the Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo platform and hold high-standard international forums on intellectual property rights.

  55. Strengthen collaboration and linkage. Fully implement the”Cooperation Agreement on Strengthening the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” and the”Cooperation Agreement on Promoting the Construction of Brands and Geographical Indications” in the two provinces of Gansu and Qinghai, and continuously strengthen cross-regional and cross-departmental intellectual property cooperation and linkage.

  56. Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. Deeply implement the”Opinions on Strengthening the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” by the Office of the State Council and the Office of the State Council and the”Implementation Opinions” of our province, comprehensively use market supervision methods to strongly support the protection of intellectual property rights, law enforcement inspections, anti-monopoly, anti-unfair competition, standards, etc. Business lines must strengthen coordination with intellectual property rights, jointly build a large-scale protection pattern, focus on strengthening the crackdown on infringements of intellectual property rights such as trademarks, patents, and trade secrets, and implement listing and supervision of major cases.


  Maintain fair competition and standardize market order

   (18) Strengthen anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition

  57. Resolutely implement the key tasks of “strengthening anti-monopoly and preventing the disorderly expansion of capital” deployed by the Central Economic Work Conference, and effectively perform anti-monopoly and anti-improperty Competitive responsibilities, strengthen the rigid constraints of fair competition review, and promote the implementation of third-party review and evaluation mechanisms.

  58. Quickly and strictly investigate and punish violations of trade secrets, and establish two demonstration bases for trade secret protection in the province.

  59. Continue to optimize the consumption environment and strengthen the protection of consumer rights. Seriously regulate direct selling operations and severely crack down on pyramid schemes.

   (19) Strengthen”Internet + Supervision”

  60. Implement the full coverage requirements of the State Administration’s regulatory list, and connect the existing regulatory information system to the “Internet +” of Gansu Province in accordance with the national unified standards and regulations. The “Supervision” system realizes the collection, sharing and full utilization of supervision data.

   (20) Strengthen the supervision of”double random, one open”

  61. Further give full play to the role of joint meetings and leading departments, consolidate the results of the department’s”double random, one open” supervision and full coverage, and promote relevant departments of local people’s governments at all levels In the field of market supervision, joint”double random, one open” supervision is normalized.

  62. Strengthen online market monitoring and coordinate online and offline integrated supervision.

   (21) Strengthening credit supervision

  63. Actively implement the spirit of the Provincial Government General Office’s”Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of a Social Credit System and Building a Credit-based New Supervisory Mechanism” to implement corporate credit Risk classification management and improvement of corporate credit repair mechanisms to make credit supervision more targeted.

  64. Formulated and promulgated the”Standard List for the Transfer of Cases Suspected of Market Illegal Business Operations” and”Major Case Supervision System” to fill in the shortcomings of the system.

   (22) Promoting inclusive and prudential supervision

  65. Tolerate and prudential supervision of new industries and new business types, implement the”market supervision, two light and one exemption list”, so that companies can truly feel the”warm law enforcement” .

   (twenty-three) strengthen price supervision

  66. Carry out charging supervision of key areas and key industries, continue to maintain a high-pressure supervision of the prices of epidemic prevention supplies, raw and auxiliary materials and daily necessities, and do a good job in reducing the burden on enterprises Work with the market to ensure supply and stable prices.


   Strengthen team building and build market supervision guards

   (Twenty-four) Promote the construction of political institutions

  67. Always take the construction of political organs as the main line, take the “Year of Style Building” activity as the starting point, strengthen the party’s overall leadership of market supervision and ensure the cadre team Good politics, good work style, and good quality. In-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, take “not forgetting the original aspiration and keeping in mind the mission” as an eternal task for strengthening party building and a lifelong task for party members and cadres, and strive to build a model organization that reassures the party and satisfies the people.

  68. Persevering in strengthening theoretical arms, being good at politically grasping, observing and analyzing market supervision work, and benchmarking against the party’s central policy and the provincial government The decision-making deployment and implementation measures shall be strengthened, and the study and implementation of the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session shall be carried out.

  69. In accordance with the arrangements of the central and provincial party committees, conduct in-depth learning and education of the history of the Communist Party of China, keep in mind the original aspiration and keep in mind the mission, and continue to strengthen the market supervision system in the new era. To better fulfill their duties and fulfill their responsibilities in the overall situation of service.

  70. Combining with the reality of market supervision, organically integrate politics and business, training and cultivation, management and governance, and promote the deep integration of party building and business work.

  71. Implement the ideological responsibility system, and be responsible for keeping the soil, responsible for the soil, and responsible for the soil.

   (Twenty-Five) Implement the main responsibility of administering the party strictly and strictly

  72. Deeply promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party’s main responsibility and supervision responsibility, and more actively support the work of the discipline inspection and supervision agencies of the market supervision department, and more consciously accept supervision. Be more accustomed to working under supervision.

  73. Consolidate the results of inspection and rectification and promote full coverage of inspection work.

  74. Further strengthen party style, clean government and anti-corruption work, deepen the use of the”four forms” of supervision and discipline, and deepen both the symptoms and the root causes, so that we will not dare to be corrupt or cannot Corrupt, do not want to be corrupt, continue to purify the political ecology.

  75. Seriously perform the party building responsibilities assigned by the Provincial Party Committee, continuously strengthen the party building work of the non-public economy, and strive to achieve a coverage rate of more than 85%of the non-public party building by 2021.

   (twenty-six) launches the”Work Style Construction Year” activity

  76. In accordance with the deployment of the General Administration, we will carry out in-depth work style construction as a starting point, insist that a strong work style is a strong environment, and strong execution is a strong development, and promote the continuous work style of cadres Improve, go deeper and take concrete steps to form a style that adapts to the new development pattern.

  77. Adhere to problem-oriented, simultaneous corrections; adhere to practice tests, use performance to measure work style standards; adhere to the above rate, give one level to one level Level:Adhere to the establishment of rules and regulations, and promote the overall improvement of internal management and comprehensive governance.

  78. Perseverance to implement the spirit of the Central Government’s”Eight Regulations”, insist on focusing on key points, focusing on key links, and vigorously rectifying formalism and bureaucracy.

   (27) Strengthen the construction of performance capacity

  79. Strengthen education and training, focus on personnel training, optimize the structural configuration of professionals, and create a high-quality professional market guard.

  80. Strengthen positive incentives and boldly select good cadres with high political quality, strong sense of responsibility, and ability to serve as officials. Always know the responsibility to the heart, take the responsibility to the body, perform the responsibility to the action, put all the thoughts on the business and put all the energy on the implementation.

  81. Persist in lowering the focus of law enforcement, strengthen the research and guidance of grassroots work, actively strive for the attention of local party committees and governments, coordinate and promote comprehensive law enforcement reforms at the grassroots level, and promote the tilt of human, financial and material to the grassroots , To accelerate the construction of standardization and standardization at the basic level.