Chuzhou:Strengthen food safety inspections in key areas to ensure food safety after the holiday
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   On the morning of February 23, 2021, Chuzhou City Market Supervision Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment, together with the Municipal Administration Affairs Management Office, conducted food for two catering units in the north and south of Chuzhou Municipal Affairs Center. Security check.

  The status of the law enforcement personnel holding the food business licenses of the two catering units; the morning inspections, health certificates and training and education status of the food practitioners; the environmental sanitation of the food processing sites, Food storage, processing facilities and equipment, and food processing procedures; the implementation of the food purchase inspection and acceptance, purchase and sales ledger system; the implementation of the cleaning and disinfection system of catering utensils shall be inspected on site. Focus on checking whether there are imported cold chain foods,”three noes” foods, fake and inferior, toxic and harmful, expired and spoiled, and other unqualified foods, whether there are illegal purchases, use of inferior edible oil, illegal use of additives, and unqualified condiments, etc. .

   In response to the hidden food safety hazards found during the inspection, law enforcement officers will deal with it in accordance with the law, and at the same time require the two catering units to follow the”Food Safety Operation Regulations for Catering Services” as the standard , Operate strictly in accordance with operating specifications.