Chuzhou:Civilized and healthy dining, celebrate the Green China Year
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   During the Spring Festival of 2021, Chuzhou City earnestly implemented the spiritual requirements of the Central Civilization Office’s”Notice on Continuously Deepening Education on Spiritual Civilization and Vigorously Advocating a Civilized, Healthy, Green and Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle”. Advocate the implementation of a civilized dining lifestyle.

   cooperated with the launch of the theme activity of”The Spring Festival does not close, the big meal is delivered to home”, and launched two batches of 24 well-known catering companies in the city to stay for the people during the Spring Festival. The masses prepare a distinctive New Year’s Eve rice ball meal service.

   uses the Spring Festival mass gathering to gather together to widely promote and advocate the new style of civilized dining. Seize the opportunity for concentrated catering consumption during the Spring Festival, in-depth promotion of public chopsticks and public spoon campaigns, rejection of food waste and other public service advertising campaigns, and more than 20 volunteer service publicity campaigns such as preventing”waste on the tongue”.

  Combined with the”Yangtze River ban on fishing”, actively create markets that do not sell, restaurants do not, and the masses do not eat illegally caught fish and illegally caught wild animals on the Yangtze River In a civilized dining environment, more than 3,800 copies of various notices and brochures were distributed in supermarkets and catering establishments.

  According to incomplete statistics, as of February 17, the city has dispatched more than 3,200 law enforcement personnel (including more than 300 unannounced visits at the city and county levels) to inspect catering There were 2,985 units (including 316 unannounced visits at the city and county levels), 64 households were ordered to rectify, and 41 rectification notices were issued.