Chuzhou launches special food law enforcement inspections
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   In order to consolidate the results of the promotion of special food counters, on February 20, Wu Jun, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Chuzhou City Market Supervision Bureau, led law enforcement inspections and special food supervision , Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment and other relevant department law enforcement officers took the”every ten food inspections” monthly fixed-check special operation as an opportunity to focus on special law enforcement inspections of Chucheng special food.

The    law enforcement inspection team randomly inspected the Harbor Shopping Supermarket, Shengyide Supermarket, and Huaju People’s Fate in the Faneng International City Community of Nanqiao District and Tianyi Huafu. There are more than 10 supermarkets, pharmacies and maternal and child stores, including the Great Pharmacy Faneng International City Store, Yongle Pharmacy, Yingzimei Maternal and Infant Living Museum, Beibei Maternal and Infant Living Museum. It focused on supervision and inspection of special food business unit licensing, purchase inspection, food safety traceability, special counter sales,”one commitment and three reminders” posting, and business premise marketing and publicity.

   During the inspection, it was found that most of the food business operators were able to strictly implement the food business operation regulations, but there were also some problems, such as:some businesses still have over-licensed project operations, Special foods are mixed with ordinary foods, imported special foods fail to provide import and export declarations at the scene, and one promise and three reminders are not posted properly, etc. For the problems found in the on-site inspection, law enforcement officers issued a list of problems on the spot, requesting businesses to rectify the problems immediately. And transfer relevant issues to the market supervision department of the jurisdiction, requiring them to supervise the merchants and market organizers to jointly supervise the implementation of the rectification within a specified time.