Chinese liquor taster is on his shoulders
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   wine is a portrayal of the living habits and character of a nation. The wine presents not only elegant aroma and mellow flavor, but also a wonderful experience for the senses. It also carries a heavy culture and highlights a wonderful story. Chinese liquor is the oldest distilled liquor in the world. At the same time, it also has a rich and unique”wine culture” that conveys the aesthetic meaning of wine. In the development process of adhering to tradition and continuous innovation, the chief liquor taster is the precious wealth of the liquor industry, the representative of top skills in the inheritance and development of the liquor industry, and the creator, inheritor and leader of the spirit of liquor craftsman.

  ”Shuowen Jiezi” has:”Pin, public consort, Cong Sankou”. It can be seen that one sip is a drink and three sips are a taste. In Qu Yuan’s”Nine Songs·East Emperor Taiyi”, the sentence”Hui delicacy steamed with orchids, and osmanthus wine with pepper pulp”, praised the beauty of”wine” in sight and smell. Wine tasting is sublimation through the process of sensory experience and spiritual expression. The taste is the beauty of wine and wine. The wine sensation focuses on the sensory experience from wine viewing, wine smelling to wine tasting, which is the only way to wine taste. Ordinary drinkers only stay in the sense of wine, and only want to get drunk, and they have no”wineness” at all; while the taste of wine that pursues the wine will gradually reach the rich inner touch through deep tasting, so as to enter the realm of life philosophy . Ancient Chinese writers and poets are all masters of wine tasting.”But if you have fun in the wine, don’t pass it on to the awake” (Li Bai), the wine is poetic, and is the highest state of wine tasting.”I want to snow in the late night, can I drink a cup of nothing?” (Bai Juyi), with a peaceful mind, and it is natural to have fun.”The wine has a deep flavor left by the lingering fans” (Tao Yuanming), the wine and poetry coexist side by side, not distinguishing each other.”A cup of unfinished poems has been completed, and poems rushing to the sky are also shocking” (Yang Wanli), the essence of wine is a super-utilitarian mentality, which immediately triggered a surge of emotions and a relaxation of imagination.”Zhang Xu’s three-cup grass saint biography, take off his hat and top the prince, waving the paper like a cloud of smoke” (Du Fu), after Huai Su and Zhang Xu were drunk, the ink dripped. Ouyang Xiu’s”Drunkard Pavilion” says:”The meaning of a drunkard is not in wine, but in the mountains and rivers. The joy of mountains and rivers, the heart and wine are also contained.” The beauty of this statement lies in the beauty of wine:Beauty lies in the”heart” in wine. In fact, when the professional level has accumulated to a considerable degree, one enters the realm of art; when the realm of art reaches a certain height, one realizes the professional level. Therefore, it is not surprising that famous artists in ancient times realized the secrets of wine tasting.

  In the 1980s, the innovative concept of expression of Chinese liquor quality was mainly historical sites and ancient people. In the 1990s, various innovative concepts with implicit qualities began to appear. In the new century, consumption levels have been greatly improved, consumer demand is strong and diversified, and quality demands are rising. At this stage, we need to let consumers know about liquor from close range and distinguish what is fine wine and what is high quality. Let the beauty of liquor’s raw materials, ecology, brewing, craftsmanship, flavor, storage, and instrument style perfectly integrate with consumers’ philosophy of life, life perception, artistic creation, and cultural affection, which is conducive to the development of liquor skills. Inheritance and cultural dissemination are more effective expressions of liquor. We must be fully prepared to stabilize the domestic market for a long time.

   wine tasting is the core technology throughout the whole process of liquor production. Therefore, we should focus on the constantly escalating personalized consumer demand, provide more innovative breakthroughs and technical support in the quality, flavor, style and other aspects of Chinese liquor, so that consumers can experience the most vivid liquor culture and ultimate quality. .

  The prosperity of the country leads to the prosperity of the industry, and China’s economic development has entered a new era. The rapid growth phase has shifted to the high-quality development phase. Consumers have a strong Even the way of tasting has put forward new requirements. China’s chief liquor taster is an outstanding representative of the top skills in the Chinese liquor industry, and a leader in interpreting the spirit and charm of Chinese liquor craftsmen. He is an artist in the liquor industry. He must not only focus on the inheritance and development of liquor culture and skills, but also Undertake the historical development of liquor technology innovation.

  China has become the world’s most important wine market. We need to seize the opportunity of the gradual recovery of consumption and the gradual improvement of consumption power, and use quality consumption to help quality upgrade , Service upgrade, market upgrade, with firm cultural self-confidence, quality self-confidence, and consumer self-confidence, enter the international wine market, and innovate the international expression and drinking methods of Chinese wine products. Let people all over the world who love life and praise life share with us the infinite charm of Chinese wine products.