China intensifies inspections of imported food, and the Boston lobster market is cold during the Spring Festival
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The Associated Press reported that in 2020, the import and export volume of lobster in Boston will gradually recover from the trade war. When the Spring Festival approaches, US exporters originally expected to make another income from the Chinese market. However, recently China has strengthened the inspection of imported food. The dragon trade adds a lot of difficulty.

   Mike Marceau, vice president of The Lobster Co., an American lobster exporter, said that the business was very busy during the Spring Festival in the past years, but this year the market has become quite deserted.”From the beginning of the Spring Festival last year, until a few weeks ago, we sold a lot of lobsters. . But recently the Chinese New Year has come and we have lost this market instead.”
  The Spring Festival is usually also a period of busy passenger flow. This year’s situation is also different. The government imposed travel restrictions to prevent and control the epidemic, which caused Chinese customers to discount the purchase of lobster products. In addition, the decline in personnel mobility means that the catering industry will not thrive, especially high-end festive dinners.
   Massachusetts exporter Truefoods CEO Mike Tourkistas said that American merchants must prepare in advance this year. Lobster exports may decrease from the previous year. Air capacity problems still exist and many flights will no longer be used by merchants.