China becomes the main buyer of Ukrainian grains in 2020
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  Foreign media news on February 18:Nikolai Pugachev, deputy director of the National Institute of Agricultural Economics of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) of Ukraine, said that since 2011, Egypt has been the largest importer of Ukrainian cereals. However, in 2020, China will replace Egypt as the number one buyer of Ukrainian grains.

   In 2020, China will account for one-fifth of Ukraine’s grain exports of US$1.855 billion. In the past three years, China’s imports of grains from Ukraine have tripled. China’s share of Ukraine’s total grain exports also reached 19.7%, higher than the 8.9%in 2019.
   Egypt has become the second largest importer of Ukrainian cereals. The value of Egyptian cereal imports from Ukraine in 2019 decreased by 15%to US$1.12 billion. Egypt accounts for 11.9%of Ukraine’s total grain exports.
  Indonesia and Spain accounted for third and fourth respectively, with a share of 5.8%. In 2020, the amount of grain imported by Indonesia from Ukraine increased to 547 million U.S. dollars. Ukraine’s exports to Spain decreased by 29%year-on-year to US$543 million.
   In 2020, South Korea and Libya squeezed into the ranks of the top ten Ukrainian grain buyers, replacing Israel and Italy.
   In 2020, Ukraine’s grain exports to the Netherlands are worth 519 million US dollars, Turkey exports 473 million US dollars, Tunisia exports 347 million US dollars, Bangladesh exports 317 million US dollars, South Korea exports 282 million US dollars, and Libya exports 265 million US dollars . The top ten importing countries account for two-thirds of Ukraine’s total grain exports.