China Apple Market Analysis Briefing 2021-Issue 15
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   1. Apple sells well during the Spring Festival.

   especially the southern market is more prominent, from the twenty-seventh lunar month to the third day of the lunar new year, goods are moving fast. The sales area is fast, and the production area is busy with replenishment. During the Spring Festival, the Tafeng cold storage in Tao Village, Qixia, Shandong did not stop loading vehicles, and has been delivering goods to the Guangdong market. In a cold storage in Qixia Shewobo, in order to replenish the goods in time, the daily wage of the packers in the second grade reached 400 yuan. Due to the cautious delivery before the Spring Festival and insufficient stocking in some markets, a series of policies were introduced for the New Year on the spot, consumption exceeded expectations, and Apple sold well. The number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong dropped to single digits in a single day, the lowest in the past three months, and the number of”Yong Kee” Apples issued to Hong Kong increased significantly. According to a random survey, although the “Fruit Star” cold storage in Zhaoyuan, Shandong is mainly fruit farmers, the shipment volume is 10%higher than the same period last year.

  Second, stay focused and actively sell.

   Currently, there is a large stock of apples. The apples stored in Suizhong, Liaoning have not been sold out. The inventory of fruit farmers in a cold storage in Fufeng, Baoji, Shaanxi is less than the same period last year. Apple sales should be tight and not relaxed. Apples are a good stuff, and eating apples has many benefits. China is a big market, and the Chinese economy is improving. It is not that Chinese apples can’t be sold. Now is the best selling period for apples, and selling at a price is the most reliable. The delicious”Mingyang Mountain” apples in Zhangqiu, Jinan, Shandong, sold out during the Spring Festival. Delicious is the last word. Someone in the Apple group predicts that it is unreasonable to say that Apple will fall sharply and rise sharply on a certain day of this year. The scale of China’s apples is huge and the market is ever-changing. We should keep our strength, keep an eye on the market, listen to all directions, and never hesitate to sell. , Do not sell off.