China and Serbia Sign the Agreement on Export of Corn and Dried Sugar Beet to China
By: Date: 2021-02-05 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: ,
“Today” reported on February 4 that on the 4th, Serbia’s Minister of Agriculture Nedimov and the General Administration of Customs of China signed an agreement on the export of corn and sugar beets to China.

  The corn export protocol involves phytosanitary requirements, and the export of dried sugar beet involves sanitary and phytosanitary requirements. The Ministry of Agriculture of Serbia is expected to strictly enforce relevant crop production processes and supervise enterprises exporting to China.
  Sakovich, representative of the Cereals and Oilseeds Production and Export Association, said that China’s opening of the corn market to Serbia is of great significance to Serbia producers, and the Chinese market demand is vast.
  The Chinese representative should go to Serbia to check the corn output at the end of 2019, but due to the epidemic situation and some administrative problems, the signing of the phytosanitary requirements protocol was delayed.