Check carefully! Ninghua County Market Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with a case of imported frozen food with labels that did not comply with the law
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   Recently, law enforcement officers of the Ninghua County Market Supervision Bureau conducted an on-site inspection of the epidemic prevention and control of Sanming Ninghua Shijun Catering Co., Ltd. and found that there were 1 Boxes of imported frozen chicken feet, 3 boxes of imported frozen pansa fish fillets, and 3 boxes of imported frozen snails all have”four certificates and one single” (namely, inspection and quarantine certificate for entry goods, traceability certificate, nucleic acid test certificate, disinfection certificate, customs declaration form ), but the food labeling does not comply with the relevant provisions of the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”. The bureau immediately notified the county CDC to carry out nucleic acid tests on the batch of food, external environment, and employees, and the results showed that they were all negative, and the products were disinfected. The batch of products had entered the centralized supervision warehouse as required. The next day, the bureau opened a case for investigation of the business household’s violation of laws and regulations, and the case is currently under further investigation.