“Chaozhou Beef Hot Pot” standard passed review
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   In order to implement the spirit of the”Chaozhou Cuisine Master Project Implementation Opinions” of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, on February 24, the Chaozhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau took the lead in convening the”Chaozhou Cuisine Chaozhou Beef Hot Pot” group standard review meeting at the Guantang Town Government. Lai Weiping, Chief Engineer of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Chaozhou Cooking Association, Hanshan Normal University, Chaozhou Food Inspection Center, Chaozhou Brothers Catering Management Co., Ltd., Chaozhou Youjian Catering Service Co., Ltd. and other unit representatives and Hou Xiaodong, Fang Shuguang, Chen Junsheng, etc. Experts attended the meeting.
  After careful review by the expert group, it is believed that the compilation of the group standard of”Chaozhou Cuisine, Chaozhou Beef Hot Pot” meets the requirements of current relevant laws, regulations and related standards, is in line with the reality of the Chaozhou cuisine industry in our city, is scientific and reasonable, and has strong operability. The expert group unanimously agreed that the standard passed the review and will be officially released on the national group standard information platform.
   The development of Chaozhou beef hot pot has promoted the development of Chaozhou cuisine, and has made important contributions to the economic development of Chaozhou tourism and catering and other related industries. Establishing and continuously improving the related technical standards of Chaozhou beef hot pot, standardizing the technological process and product quality requirements of Chaozhou beef hot pot, will further promote the sustainable and healthy development of Chaozhou beef hot pot enterprises, and promote the inheritance and development of Chaozhou cuisine culture and promote the high-quality economic and social development of the city It is of great significance. In recent years, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has conscientiously implemented the decision-making and deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, took the lead in implementing the”Chaozhou Cuisine Standardization Construction Project”, and successively compiled and issued 3 issues of the”Chaozhou Cuisine Standards Collection” totaling 145 Chaozhou cuisine group standards. It is planned to complete 40 Chaozhou cuisine standards in 2021. As the first Chaozhou cuisine standard completed this year,”Chaozhou cuisine Chaozhou beef hot pot” will give a good start to the standardization of Chaozhou cuisine in our city, and promote the quality improvement of the city’s catering service industry and Chaozhou. Inheritance of cuisine culture.