Chaoyang City Market Supervision Bureau’s special enforcement action against counterfeit and substandard food in rural areas has achieved initial results
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   According to the Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision Administration and other five departments forwarding the”Notice of the General Office of the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration and Other Five Departments on Jointly Carrying out Special Enforcement Actions on Rural Counterfeit and Substandard Foods” (Liaoning Supervision Lian [2020] No. 35), Chaoyang City Market Supervision Bureau immediately organized the implementation and issued the”Notice on Launching Special Law Enforcement Actions on Rural Counterfeit and Substandard Food”, and led by Chaoyang City Market Supervision Bureau, the Chaoyang City Bureau of Commerce and other five departments jointly issued the”Chaoyang City Rural Counterfeit and Substandard Food” Food Special Law Enforcement Action Implementation Plan” Actively carried out special law enforcement actions on counterfeit and inferior food in rural areas, and achieved initial results:
   As of now, Chaoyang City has dispatched a total of 609 law enforcement personnel to inspect 934 major food production and operation market entities. Among them, 10 households were found to have food behaviors with production and operation labels that did not comply with food safety regulations. At present, 3 households have opened a case for investigation , 7 households have been ordered to make corrections; 25 food businesses were found to store yogurt requiring refrigeration at room temperature, and all have been ordered to make corrections; for businesses that have not checked their licenses and have not established purchase accounts, they have delivered on-the-spot punishment decisions 26 Copies. Effectively carried out a special law enforcement action on counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas of Chaoyang City.