Ceradis sulfur-containing biological fungicide CeraSulfur was registered in Italy and distributed by De Sangosse
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  World Agrochemical Network Chinese website report:Recently, Ceradis Crop Protection BV announced that its innovative biosulfur fungicide CeraSulfur has been registered in Italy and is first used in grapes. De Sangosse Italia will be distributed under the Whisper brand.

  CeraSulfur SC is a breakthrough product, it is the first agricultural source sulfur fungicide. Sulfur is produced by bacteria, which convert the by-product hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in biogas into elemental sulfur. The origin of the process is farm waste. This organic and cyclic sulfur has a different chemical structure and smaller particle size, making it more effective than conventional sulfur. In addition, contrary to conventional sulfur, which is hydrophobic, it is hydrophilic, making it easier to handle and combine with other products. Therefore, CeraSulfur provides growers with excellent performance such as dust-free, low sulfur demand, less residue, and excellent blendability. This unique patented product won the French Bronze Medal in the 2020 Sival Innovation Competition.
  Ceradis CEO Willem-Jan Meulemeesters said that the crop protection industry is facing continuous pressure to shift from chemical pesticides to biological pesticides. They have already launched products under the brand names Whisper and Kashmir in France with their partner De Sangosse in 2020. Their goal is to provide farmers with alternatives to chemical pesticides and look forward to working with De Sangosse Italia to ensure the successful launch of CeraSulfur in Italy. Sangosse plans to expand its trademarks in France and Italy and obtain registration in Spain.