Canada approves β-amylase from Bacillus flexus AE-BAF for use in foods such as bread
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Food Partner Network News On February 9, 2021, Health Canada issued Document NOM/ADM-0161, intending to revise the list of permitted food enzymes and approve β- from Bacillus flexus AE-BAF Β amylase is used in the production of malt wine, beer, bread, flour, whole wheat flour, dextrin and non-standardized baked products and other foods.

   It is understood that this amendment will take effect on February 9, 2021.
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  Health Canada’s Food Directorate completed a premarket safety assessment of a food additive submission seeking approval for the use of β-amylase from Bacillus flexus AE-BAF as a food enzyme in various foods:brewers’ mash used in the production of ale, beer, light beer, malt liquor, porter, stout; bread, flour, whole wheat flour; starch used in the production of dextrins, dextrose, glucose (glucose syrup), glucose solids (dried glucose syrup) or maltose; and unstandardized bakery products .
  β-amylase from barley malt is already permitted for use in Canada as a food enzyme in the manufacture of all the foods of interest to the petitioner other than brewers’ mash.
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