BASF cooperates with Engro Fertilizers to launch the insecticide Sefina (diprofen) in Pakistan
By: Date: 2021-02-26 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: , report:Recently, Engro Fertilizers and BASF have reached a strategic cooperation to jointly launch BASF’s Sefina pesticides help Pakistani farmers better protect crops from pests and increase crop yields.

  Sefina is a new bio-based pesticide launched by BASF, registered in Pakistan for use in cotton and other vegetable crops. The product has a new mode of action to control whiteflies, whiteflies nymphs, aphids, small leafhoppers and other important piercing and sucking pests that pose a major threat to crops. Sefina contains BASF’s new active ingredient Inscalis® (Chinese common name:Dipropionate), with higher efficacy, can be used as part of the integrated pest control plan, providing a powerful new tool for farmers to carry out resistance management.
  Engro Fertilizers CEO Nadir Salar Qureshi said:“We are very pleased to cooperate with a global company like BASF. BASF coincides with our vision of transforming the country’s agricultural landscape and helping farmers grow. In Pakistan, agricultural pests are infested. A serious threat to cotton and other vegetable crops, which in turn affects agricultural productivity and national food security. With BASF’s unique active ingredients, we can use our experience and industry insights to provide crop protection solutions to help growers increase production and income.”
   BASF Pakistan Managing Director Faisal Akhtar said:“BASF is committed to helping Pakistani farmers and the agricultural industry maximize their potential to safely produce healthy, high-quality crops and profit from them. Similar to Sefina’s advanced solutions The solution can help growers get better harvests in a more sustainable way. Engro is BASF’s best partner to bring this technology to Pakistan.”