BASF adds Onecide P EC (fluozop-p-ethyl) to its soybean herbicide portfolio
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   World Agrochemical Network Chinese Net report:Tokyo, Japan-February 16, after reaching a formal agreement with ISK BIOSCIENCES K.K., BASF added onecide P to its soybean herbicide product portfolio. oSales of necide P will begin on February 16, 2021.

  OnecideP is a selective foliar herbicide, containing the effective ingredient diflufen, which can effectively control annual and perennial gramineous weeds. The main advantages of this product include:
  -Excellent crop selectivity, will not damage broad-leaved crops.
  -Can be quickly absorbed by weed stems and leaves, and has excellent resistance to rain washing.
  -Good systemic activity, ensuring that weeds are removed from the roots.
  -Effectively prevent and control major foreign grass weeds such as Japanese Pampas Grass, Imperata and Johnson grass.
   BASF has provided many effective weed control solutions for soybean cultivation, including Basta®, Prowl® Plus EC, Fieldstar®P EC, Powergizer® SL and Basagran®SL. The current addition of onecide P enables BASF to provide growers with a complete set of herbicide products for all stages of soybean growth from before sowing to harvest.