Austrian startup Revo Foods launches 3D food printing products
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From Intrafish on February 25th, there are many competitors in the salmon industry that need to worry about, such as the increase in pork, chicken, beef and plant-based seafood, but printers are not the focus of people’s attention. However, Austria, which specializes in 3D food printing Revo Foods, a start-up company, can be included in the list of new technologies that may reshape the future of the seafood industry.

   The company’s 29-year-old founder Robin Simsa said that the company plans to launch its first 3D printed product, smoked salmon fillets, to the German and European markets later this year. Food service and retail are the company’s sales targets. .
   The first batch of 3D smoked salmon will be sold in Budapest Bagel in Vienna in March. This is a trendy food store. The company said that it hopes to deliver an interesting and fun message to the public, and at the same time it meets the company’s hopes The vision of providing sustainable seafood alternatives with high nutritional value.
   The company said that it is too early to announce the complete 3D food printing and production video process at this stage. The food produced by 3D printing combines more than a dozen ingredients such as pea protein, seaweed extract and dietary fiber, which is”precisely” reproduced. The texture and appearance of seafood.
  RevoFoods is currently seeking to raise 500,000 euros in its first round of investment in the next 12 months, and plans to launch more commercial products to the European market later this year, including 3D printed salmon sauce and salmon And tuna sashimi.