Australia will renew the export sanitary and phytosanitary certificate
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   On February 17, 2021, Australia notified the WTO of the draft directive on renewing the export sanitary and phytosanitary certificate (G/SPS/N/AUS/515). The main updates are as follows:

  1. Starting from March 28, 2021, all sanitary and phytosanitary certificates issued by the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment that mention the year of the Export Control Act (currently 1982) will be deleted.
  2. The department name under the Australian Government badge is updated to”Australian Government”, unless the plant certificate and the importing country clearly require the name of the competent authority to appear on the certificate
  3. Delete the signature of the Chief Veterinary Officer in all electronically issued meat, dairy products, eggs, non-regulated commodities and seafood sanitation certificates, and replace them with the signature of the National Veterinary Technology Administrator (Dr. Stewart Lowden). The sanitary certificate applied for manual signature will continue to be signed and stamped by the department official authorized to sign the export sanitary certificate.
  4. The signatory of phytosanitary certificates for live animals, reproductive materials, grains, seeds and horticulture remains unchanged, and the”Authorised Officer” of the plant export certificate is updated to”delegate”.
  The changes in the plan will not affect the agreed market access certificate, the department’s export supervision or the detailed information of the goods described on the bilaterally agreed certificate.
   The updated certificate will be issued in March 2021, and the updated plant certificate will be issued on March 15, 2021. There is a short transition period during which the old and new certificates can be presented to border officials for customs clearance.
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