Announcement of the Nanchong Municipal Market Supervision Administration on the Sampling Inspection of Food Safety Supervision on New Year’s Day and Spring Festival (No. 01 of 2021)
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   In order to ensure that the people can eat at ease during the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, create a good food consumption environment. Our bureau has conducted special food safety inspections on 11 categories of food including cured meat products, sauced meat products, dumplings, Lantern Festival, wontons, steamed buns, steamed buns, vermicelli noodles, white wine, pastries, and puffed foods. A total of 200 batches of samples were taken, and 45 batches of samples were found to be unqualified. The main problems found were the use of food additives exceeding the range and the limit, and the quality indicators were not up to standard.
   For the unqualified food found in the random inspection, the market supervision and management bureau where the food manufacturer is located has carried out verification and disposal in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, supervising the food production and operation enterprises to check the product flow, and taking measures such as removing the unqualified products from the shelves Control risks; strictly deal with violations of laws and regulations in accordance with the law; timely disclose the risk prevention and control measures taken by the enterprise and the verification and disposal status to the public.
   Please refer to the attachment for the details of this food safety supervision sampling inspection.
   If consumers find or buy substandard products mentioned in this announcement on the market, please call the food complaint hotline 12315 to report.
   hereby announce.
  Annex 1:Food safety supervision sampling product qualification information
  Annex 2:Food safety supervision sampling product unqualified information
   Nanchong City Market Supervision Administration
   February 1, 2021
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