Announcement of the Market Supervision Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps on the unqualified situation of 2 batches of food (Phase 1, 2021)
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   Recently, the Bingtuan Market Supervision Bureau organized sampling inspections for food safety supervision, sampling 187 batches of five types of food samples, including catering food, wine, dairy products, edible agricultural products, edible oil, fats and their products, and 185 batches of qualified samples for sampling inspection Second, 2 batches of unqualified samples. The main problems found were microbes and substandard quality indicators. The details are as follows:
   1. Kunyu City Er Er Si Tuan Congee and Noodle Taste Chinese fast food tableware, coliforms do not meet the national food safety standards. The inspection agency is Alar Food and Drug Inspection Institute.
   2. The nominal 60o corn wine produced by Bole Boyanghu Trading Co., Ltd., sold at the Shuanghe City Good Wine and No See Tobacco and Alcohol Supermarket, does not meet the product labeling requirements. The inspection agency is the Food Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (Shihezi).
   For the unqualified food found in the random inspection, the Corps Market Supervision Bureau has instructed the local market supervision department to immediately organize the disposal work, check the product flow, and take measures such as removing the unqualified product from the shelf to control the risk; for violations of laws and regulations according to law Handling; promptly publicize risk prevention and control measures and verification and handling to the public.
  Specially remind consumers that if unqualified foods listed in the attachment are found or purchased on the market, please call the food safety complaint hotline 12315 to report.
   hereby announce.
   Bingtuan Market Supervision Bureau
   February 9, 2021