Announcement of the Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau on Issuing the Regulations for the Review of Sports Nutrition Food Production License
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   In order to do a good job in the review of food production licenses and regulate sports nutrition food production and processing activities, in accordance with the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and its implementation regulations,”Food Production License Management Measures” (Order No. 16 of the State Food and Drug Administration) No.),”Notice of the State Administration of Food and Drug Administration on the Implementation of the”Measures for the Administration of Food Production Licenses” and other relevant regulations to meet the needs of the food production license review work in our province. Our bureau organized and formulated the sports nutrition food production license review The specification, which is only applicable in Jiangxi Province, is hereby promulgated and will be implemented from the date of promulgation. Sports nutrition is included in the category of”special dietary food”, which is accepted, reviewed and approved by the provincial bureau.
   hereby announces.
   Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration
   December 24, 2020