Announcement of the Hefei Municipal Market Supervision Administration on Special Supervision and Sampling Information on Food Safety during the Spring Festival (Phase 5 of 2021)
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   On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2021, the Hefei Market Supervision Administration organized and carried out special supervision and random inspections on food safety during the Spring Festival. A total of 49 batches of samples of 9 types of food including edible agricultural products, catering food, processed grain products, meat products, edible oil, grease and their products, roasted seeds and nuts products, pastries, wines, and beverages, were sampled in the city. According to the national food safety standard inspection and judgment, there are 48 batches of qualified samples and 1 batch of unqualified samples for sampling inspection items (see appendix). The unqualified samples involve pesticide residues.

   For the unqualified products found in the random inspection, the Hefei Municipal Market Supervision Bureau’s comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment immediately organized the inspection and disposal, found out the product flow, and took measures such as removing the unqualified products from the shelves to control risks; for violations of laws and regulations, according to law Strictly deal with it, and promptly announce the verification and handling to the public. If it is found during the investigation that the duties of other departments are involved, the relevant information shall be notified to the relevant functional departments.
   The details of the unqualified food are now notified as follows:
  Pesticide residue problem
  Suguo Supermarket (Anhui) Co., Ltd. Hefei Huizhou Avenue Shopping Plaza sells cowpea, carbofuran and cyromazine indicators that do not meet the national food safety standards. The inspection agency is Hefei Customs Technology Center.
   hereby announce.