Announcement of the Food Safety Supervision Sampling Inspection Information of Jingmen Market Supervision Administration (Phase 1, 2021)
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  In order to ensure the food quality and safety of the Spring Festival, and protect the health and life safety of the people, in accordance with the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and its implementation regulations, the Jingmen City Market Supervision Administration launched a special Spring Festival food project before the Spring Festival Sampling work. The types of the random inspections are meat products, wines, roasted food and nut products, aquatic products and other foods with high consumption during the Spring Festival. Meat products and aquatic products are mainly local specialty products; a total of 136 batches of random inspections, including 130 batches, are qualified. 6 batches of unqualified. Among them, 27 batches of meat products such as bacon and air-dried chicken were sampled, 25 batches were qualified, and 2 batches were unqualified; 13 batches were sampled for meat loaf, flat dragon vegetables, and 13 batches were qualified; 24 batches were sampled for dried fish and fish cakes There were 24 qualified batches; 10 batches of roasted seeds and nuts products were sampled and 10 batches were qualified; 62 batches of liquor were sampled, 58 batches were qualified, and 4 batches were unqualified. See the attachment for specific sampling information.
  Annex 1:Information on qualified products in food sampling
  Annex 2:Information on unqualified products in food sampling
  Jingmen Market Supervision Administration
   February 3, 2021