Announcement of Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau on Announcement of the Sampling Inspection Information for the 12th (City) Food Safety Evaluation in 2021
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   Recently, Suzhou City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau organized an evaluative random inspection of three types of food at the municipal level. In order to ensure the consumer’s right to know about consumption, the random inspection information is now announced as follows:

   150 batches of 3 types of food were sampled this time. 50 batches of starch and starch products, 50 batches of canned food, and 50 batches of meat products are all qualified.

   reminds consumers that when buying food, they must go through formal and reliable channels and save the corresponding shopping vouchers. They must read the relevant signs on the outer packaging, such as production date and shelf life , Manufacturer’s name and address, ingredients or ingredient list and other information; check whether the vacuum packaging is leaking, swelling, and whether it has deteriorated. If you find substandard products in the market, please call the 12315 hotline to complain or report.


   Suzhou City Market Supervision Administration

   February 22, 2021