Announcement of Nanjing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau on the unqualified status of 3 batches of food (No. 7 of 2021)
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Recently, Nanjing Municipal Market Supervision Administration has completed 188 batches of food safety supervision and sampling tasks at the city level, involving condiments, starch and starch products, tea and related products, quick-frozen food, canned food, special dietary food, infant formula food, and catering Food and food such as edible agricultural products. According to the national food safety standard inspection and judgment, there are 185 batches of qualified samples and 3 batches of unqualified samples for sampling inspection items. The notice is as follows:

   1. The coliform group does not meet the requirements of food safety standards for the reusable tableware (small dishes) used in snack bars in Yushihu, Qinhuai District, Nanjing. The inspection agency is the National Light Industry Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Nanjing Station.
   2. The nominal chicken bone soup essence produced by Luohe Qingzhaifang Food Co., Ltd. used by Nanjing Six O’clock Catering Service Co., Ltd., sodium cyclamate (calculated as cyclamic acid) does not meet the food safety standards. The inspection agency is Jiangsu Physical and Chemical Testing Center.
  3. The nitrofural metabolites of pig liver sold in Zhang Chengjun Frozen Fresh Meat Shop, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing City, do not meet the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Announcement No. 250. The inspection agency is Hefei Customs Technology Center.
   Please refer to the attachment for the detailed information of the above unqualified food. Regarding the unqualified food found in the supervision and random inspection, our bureau has instructed the relevant district bureaus to immediately organize the disposal work, and take measures such as removing the unqualified food from the shelves to control risks; to deal with violations of laws and regulations in accordance with the law; to prevent the risks taken by the enterprise in time The control measures and verification and disposal conditions are disclosed to the public. For foreign companies involved in substandard food, our bureau has sent a letter to the local regulatory authority.
   hereby announce.
   (No. 7 in 2021)
   Nanjing Market Supervision Administration
   February 18, 2021