Announcement of Henan Provincial Market Supervision Administration on Risk Control of a Batch of Unqualified Foods (No. 15 of 2021)
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   The “Notice on the Unqualified Sampling Inspection of 5 Batches of Food” (No. 6 in 2021) issued by the General Administration of Market Supervision For qualified food, the risk control situation involving unqualified batches of food is now notified as follows:

   1. Basic situation of random inspection

   Recently, in the food safety supervision and random inspection organized by the General Administration of Market Supervision, Tengfu Food Store in Xingning City, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province sells products on (online shop). , Nominal pollock fish sticks (spicy flavor, production date:May 21, 2020) distributed by Shengda Youpin Food Co., Ltd. in Puning City, Guangdong Province and produced by Hongxin Food Co., Ltd. in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. The inspection found that the N-dimethylnitrosamine detection value did not meet the requirements of the national food safety standards. The inspection agency is Qingdao Huace Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

   2. Risk prevention and control situation

   The law enforcement officers of Zhengzhou Market Supervision Administration conducted law enforcement inspections on Zhengzhou Hongxin Food Co., Ltd. according to law. After investigation, the company produced 5 unqualified pollock sticks in this batch, each with 60 bags, specification:80 g/bag, all sold to Puning Shengdayoupin Food Co., Ltd., Puning City, Guangdong Province, received After the batch of products were reported as unqualified, the company took recall measures. The local market supervision department filed a case for related issues in accordance with the law, and ordered the company to investigate the cause of the problem and implement rectification measures.

   If consumers find substandard food and other food safety violations, please call 12315 to complain or report.

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   February 7, 2021