Announcement of Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Bureau on Special Sampling Inspection of Food during the Spring Festival (2021 Issue 7)
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  In order to ensure food safety during the province’s holidays, the Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Bureau organized special supervision and random inspections on food safety during the Spring Festival. In 9 cities (prefectures) of our province, in the food production, circulation and catering links of Gui’an New District, extract condiments, roasted seeds and nuts products, frozen beverages, dairy products, edible agricultural products, quick-frozen food, tea and related products, grains 218 batches of samples of 10 categories of processed products, meat products, edible oil, grease and their products. According to the national food safety standard inspection and judgment, there are 217 batches of qualified samples and 1 batch of unqualified samples for sampling inspection items (see attachment). Substandard food involves the index of the total number of colonies. The specific notice is as follows:
  Guiding County Laoyutou Food Co., Ltd. Duyun Sales Department, the nominal Laoyutou soy sauce produced by Guiding County Laoyutou Food Co., Ltd., Guizhou Province, the total number of colonies does not meet the national food safety standards . The inspection agency is the Guizhou Provincial Product Quality Inspection and Testing Institute.
  For unqualified foods found in random inspections, in accordance with the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”,”Food Safety Sampling Inspection Management Measures”,”Food Recall Management Measures” and other laws and regulations, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has instructed relevant cities (states) The market supervision department shall investigate and deal with it according to law. The market supervision department of Qiannan Prefecture has supervised the food production enterprises to find out the flow of products, recall the unqualified products, analyze the reasons for rectification; supervise the relevant units in the food business link to immediately take measures such as removing the shelves to control risks. The market supervision department of Qiannan Prefecture shall report the risk prevention and control measures and the verification and disposal situation to the provincial market supervision bureau and announce it to the public in a timely manner according to the prescribed time limit and requirements.
   hereby announce.
   February 4, 2021