Announcement of Gansu Provincial Market Supervision Administration on Special Sampling Inspection of Food during the Spring Festival
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  The Spring Festival is approaching. In order to ensure food safety during the festival, the Gansu Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau carried out supervision and random inspections on foods with high consumption before the Spring Festival, mainly involving food processing A total of 299 batches of samples of 11 types of food including food products, edible oil, fats and oils and their products, meat products, dairy products, beverages, frozen foods, alcohol, pastries, roasted food and nut products, soy products, edible agricultural products, etc. The main problems of batches of unqualified samples are as follows:1 batch of beverage quality indicators are not up to standard, and 1 batch of alcoholic food additives are used in excess of the limit.

   For the unqualified food found in the random inspection, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has instructed the Linxia Prefectural Market Supervision Department to immediately organize the disposal work, check the product flow, and take it off the shelf Recall substandard products and other measures to control risks; violations of regulations and laws shall be dealt with strictly in accordance with the law.

   will now notify the following details of the unqualified foods under supervision and sampling:

   One, the problem of substandard quality

   The nominal Ningheyuan drinking water produced by Hezheng County Ningheyuan Trading Co., Ltd. (production date:2020-9-25), the conductivity does not meet the national standard Regulations. The inspection agency is the Gansu Provincial Food Inspection Research Institute.

   2. Food additives over-range and over-limit usage issues

   Hezheng County Ninghechun Pure Grain Liquor Store, which is nominally Gansu? Ninghechun original grain cellar liquor produced by Hezheng County Ninghechun Liquor Industry Co., Ltd. (production date:2016-8-23), sodium cyclamate (calculated as cyclamic acid) does not meet the national food safety standards. The inspection agency is the Gansu Provincial Food Inspection Research Institute.

   hereby announces.

  Gansu Provincial Market Supervision Administration

   February 7, 2021