Announcement of Dongguan Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau on Information on Food Supervision and Sampling Inspection (No. 8 of 2021)
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Recently, the Dongguan Municipal Market Supervision Administration organized the supervision and sampling of food circulation and production links. A total of biscuits, pastries, processed food products, meat products, edible agricultural products, edible oils, fats and their products, quick-frozen foods, confectionery products, and seasonings 111 batches of samples, 108 batches of qualified samples and 3 batches of unqualified samples (see attachment). The specific situation is now announced as follows:

   1. Chloramphenicol does not meet the national food safety standards for the sixties purchased from Dongcheng Galaxy City Store of Dongguan Jiarong Supermarket Co., Ltd. The inspection agency is Dongguan Food and Drug Inspection Institute.
   2. The snow peas and omethoate purchased by Dongguan Zhongrun Supermarket Co., Ltd. do not meet the national food safety standards. The inspection agency is Dongguan Food and Drug Inspection Institute.
   3. The spinach purchased by Dongguan Jiarong Supermarket Co., Ltd. Qishi Zhenhua Store did not meet the national food safety standards for chlorpyrifos. The inspection agency is Dongguan Food and Drug Inspection Institute.
   Regarding the unqualified products found in random inspections, the Dongguan Municipal Market Supervision Administration has required relevant business units to immediately stop purchases and other measures to control risks, and investigate and deal with them in accordance with the law.
  Food safety consumption reminder:Consumers should buy the food they need through formal and reliable channels and keep the corresponding shopping voucher. They must read the relevant signs on the outer packaging, such as production date, shelf life, producer name and address, ingredients or ingredients Whether the table, food production license number and other signs are complete; do not buy products without the factory name, factory address, production date and shelf life, and do not buy products beyond the shelf life. We should try our best to choose comprehensive shopping malls, fresh supermarkets, large-scale agricultural products markets and other formal channels to purchase fresh agricultural products. When purchasing, we should pay attention to choosing stalls and varieties that have passed the random inspection on the market, and actively ask for and keep the purchase receipts. In order to maintain the nutrition and flavor of fresh agricultural products, it is recommended to buy them on demand and consume them as soon as possible. At the time of consumption, attention should be paid to the diversification of food types, not partial eclipse, and promote the balanced absorption of various nutrients by the human body. The fresh-keeping effect of edible agricultural products under refrigeration conditions is better than normal temperature, but different varieties should be stored separately as far as possible to avoid mutual contamination of pathogens. When eating aquatic products, heat it up sufficiently to prevent pathogenic bacteria and parasites from harming human health. Do not eat aquatic products that are not fresh to prevent the residual harmful substances from invading the human body.
   Consumers are welcome to actively participate in food safety supervision work and pay attention to the announcement of food sampling inspection information. If you find food that is harmful to the public and illegal activities, please call 12345 for reporting and complaints in time.
   hereby announces.
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  Dongguan Market Supervision Administration
   February 24, 2021