Announcement of Dongguan Municipal Administration of Market Supervision on Risk Control of Unqualified Food (No. 28, 2021)
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    The”Notice on Special Sampling Inspection of Food During the Spring Festival” issued by the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration (issue 6 of 2021), involving a manufacturing company in our city. The announcement of the risk control of unqualified food is as follows:

  1. Nominal durian flavor cake product produced by Dongguan Tiankangjian Food Industry Co., Ltd.
   The durian flavored cake produced by Dongguan Tiankangjian Food Industry Co., Ltd. (trademark:Fu Shishu, specification model:120g/bag, production date:2020-12), sold by Yinzhen Foods Business Department, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City -01) The product, the total number of colonies does not meet the requirements of the national food safety standards.
  The law enforcement officers of our bureau conducted an on-site inspection of the enterprise and delivered documents such as a non-conforming inspection report to it. Law enforcement officers did not find the same batch of durian flavored cake products in stock at the scene. After investigation, the company produced a total of 620 bags of the aforementioned durian flavored cakes, of which 20 bags were used for factory inspection, and the rest were sold. Our bureau supervises the company’s recall of substandard products in accordance with the law. The company has taken the initiative to take measures such as recalling the above batches of food, and there are currently no recalled products.
  Our bureau conducts an investigation into the enterprise in accordance with the law.
   2. If consumers find food safety violations, they can call the 12345 hotline to make a complaint.
  Dongguan Market Supervision Administration
   February 19, 2021